action of shooting not logged in chat [2959]

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action of shooting not logged in chat [2959]

Postby jpm1 » July 7th, 2014, 3:27 am

Bug Report
Game Mode: <<MP>>

<<action of shooting at an animal (that has been hit) does not appear in chat log>>

Steps to Reproduce:
<<Sshoot at a boar at Hirschfelden that is located at 8802;-347 from a bit far (aiming in the air) from 3/4 rear angle with Snakebite>>

Additional Information:
boar has been hit here's the proof (HM in background)

My Computer
Platform: <<i5 760 , GTX 650 2 Gi , 6 gigas ram>>
OS & Version: <<Windows 64bit Win7 SP1>>
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Re: action of shooting not logged in chat [2959]

Postby MudBug » July 20th, 2015, 2:27 am

Not a bug. When someone shoots a bow/crossbow past the pre-defined range listed in the game engine, the shot will not show up in chat. (I guess that's the best way to describe it)

For example, I routinely shoot animals with the crossbow over 50 meters. The crossbow only has aiming points for 10 meters through 40 meters. Whenever I shoot farther than approximately 50-60 meters it never shows up in chat. I just shot a whitetail buck with the crossbow and scored a first shot hit at about 170 meters. Unfortunately, I have been having game crashes with exit code 255 several times this weekend. So it won't show up in my stats.

Prior to this, I have killed a fox at 167 meters with the crossbow (it hit it on the 4th shot) on Val de Bois. It did not register as me taking a shot in the chat, it only showed in chat when I harvested the animal.

Again this is normal for crossbows/bows at ranges over the pre-defined game engine rules. That's the reason you are not seeing the "Player Name shot a whitetail doe with a crossbow" message. Now if someone is using a firearm, making a hit or near miss on an animal, and it is not registering in chat, I believe that would be a bug.

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