Harder moderation needed on the forums?

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Re: Harder moderation needed on the forums?

Postby JhacobTroster » November 27th, 2014, 2:01 am

LordBazooka wrote:
BlindTyldak wrote:For example, the "only meaningful posts, please" rule. Yes, I know that to forum regulars posts like "+1" can get on nerves, but they are in response to the original post and while exceedingly short, not a "bad" thing. "I agree" may not be much better, but not everyone has much to say beyond that, but they want to contribute. I personally take that rule as more along the lines of "stick with the subject and don't post nonsense for the sake of posting nonsense". A thread titled "I like pie" with an original post of "discuss my like of pie plz" would be the sort of thing that was against the rule.


And because i care for the feelings of others, i will explain why: Alot of players have the feeling, that if for example a suggestion reaches a large enough response in the forums, the devs will consider it. Don´t know if it´s true, but i guess so.
Also, what do you expect, if you visit a thread like "look at this pic, isn´t it a nice rifle you would like to have?" A bunch of repeating adjectives, how much people would like to have it? I rather go for 7 replies of +1, scroll past them and notice, that alot of people like it for the exact same reason as the op and then read the reply from the guy who doesn´t. Saves time. Also, who cares for post counts? Seriously.


Im really glad someone said it with better eloquence than I have atm. As useless as it seems it matters to me what so and so feels about the material and how strongly (+10) You all know that when a guy comes to the end of a conversation and dozens of posts have been made its kinda pointless to try and agree and then paraphrase whats already been said just to avoid the +1 or + whatever. I like knowing who thinks what about whatever and they dont need a complete discourse to say it.
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Re: Harder moderation needed on the forums?

Postby gas56 » December 18th, 2014, 4:56 pm

This post is no different then any other post because of the intention of ones Ideas are quickly the opposite of another.
Let's face it there is always someone to disagree.
But Everybody has an opinion.
It doesn't mean that you have to like it.
Just read it and move on with the subject at hand.
There's always someone trying to get under your skin for their sake of the argument.
Don't take it personal, and everything will be fine.
If I can learn that.... anybody can.
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Postby jpm1 » March 12th, 2015, 2:15 pm

kring wrote:Sometimes members use actual words but they say as much: yes, agreed, indeed etc). I see this in many of the topics here and it pisses me off.

oh yeah , maybe you should take some tranquillizers don't you think . did you ever say thar irl ?? :roll: when you manage a forum you have 2 options . or you create a place where people can find some help without any soul , and moderating all around and create anger (because that will happen) or you can have a soulful and fun forum but for this you'll have to accept other differences and the fact they can make errors . i've gone on both sides and believe the best forums are the ones that are the less moderated , by far . trolling is annoying but it's a problem that canno't be stopped using force

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