Inventory translation problem

Feedback on Brazilian Portuguese localization.
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Inventory translation problem

Postby AGC » September 21st, 2020, 9:26 am

Hi Devs!

The drop-down menus in the inventory isn't translated to brazillian portuguese.
Would be cool if you can include these translations. Thanks in advance!

Please look at the screenshots below:

Weapons -> Armas
Ammo = Munição
Scopes = Miras

Equipment = Equipamentos
Large Equipment = Grandes Equipamentos
Callers = Chamadores
Dogs = Cães
Vehicles = Veículos

Body = Corpo
Legs = Pernas
Feet = Pés
Head = Cabeça
Hands = Mãos
Glasses = Óculos
Face = Rosto
Backpacks = Mochilas
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Re: Inventory translation problem

Postby Lord_Trevis » October 18th, 2021, 2:08 pm

Olá amigos!

I suggest...

Ammo = "Munições" instead of "Munição".
Plural word for "Munição". There's more than one type of ammo and you don't use "Ammos" in english but have a plural word in portuguese.

Scopes = ...
"Miras" you can use for "Sights".
"Lunetas" you can use for "Scopes".
Every Scope is a Sight but... not every Sight is a Scope.

(Btw... Store's "Red Dot Pistol Scope" should be renamed "Red Dot Pistol Sight", this is not a scope.)

Large Equipment = "Equipamentos Grandes" instead of "Grandes Equipamentos".
For semantic reasons.

Callers = "Chamarizes" instead of "Chamadores".
"Chamarizes" is a better word then "Chamadores".

Body = "Torso" instead of "Corpo"
"Corpo" is more related to the whole body.
We do have the word "Torso" in portuguese. It's the same english torso/upper body/waist up part of the body.
Since we're talking about "Jackets & Shirts", "Torso" is more especific.

Thank you guys for your time and patience!
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