Перевод текста миссий/Missions translation

Feedback on Russian localization.
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Перевод текста миссий/Missions translation

Postby efreitor0691 » January 28th, 2014, 7:42 am

Mule Deer Missions
Track a Mule Deer +
Spot a Mule Deer +
Harvest a Mule Deer +
Take a 6pt Muley +
A Favor for a Friend +
Dinner for a Week not translated
Be Vewwy, Vewwy Qwiet
Она милая дома (дама) (дома - at home, inside)
Nice lady she is
Я предпочитаю почти сырое мяска (мяско/мясо)
I prefer my meat almost raw
150 футов (около 46 футов(метров)).
46m (approx. 150 ft.).
The Long Shot
Подстрелите чернохвостого оленя с как минимум шестью отростками на рогах с расстояния не меньше 115 метров (около 377 футов)
Take a Mule Deer Buck with 6 typical points or more from at least 115m (approx. 377ft.)
Подстрелите чернохвостого оленя как минимум c шестью отростками на рогах с расстояния не менeе 115 метров (около 377 футов)
A Cull not translated
The Spotter, Pt. 1 +
The Spotter, Pt. 2 +
Big Rack
Translate is correct, but in desc. says 12 point, in obj. 10 points
Big Score +
Big Rack, up close! desc. is not translated
Shotgun Doe Cull desc. is not translated
Nice Sidearm... not translated
I'll give you a Buck for each... still blocked for me coz i didn't make a previous mission
(+) is correct and aceptable translation
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All Along The Watchtower

Postby Xenomaniac » July 10th, 2014, 6:34 am

All Along The Watchtower

Good job taking care of those Hog raiders, sometimes those piggies get a bit out of line. This Canella fellow has another job for you.

He wants you to bag a Hog from every tower in Logger's Point. Apparently it's for a genetics study of some sort.

Patience is king while hunting from towers, but you can radically improve your odds by using scents and callers.

Harvest a Feral Hog from the North Hunting Tower on Logger's Point.
Harvest a Feral Hog from the Middle Hunting Tower on Logger's Point.
(Middle translated into russian like North) it have to be wrote like "Подстрелите дикого кабана с центральной охотничьей вышки в Логгерс-пойнте."
Harvest a Feral Hog from the South Hunting Tower on Logger's Point.
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A Longer Range

Postby Xenomaniac » July 11th, 2014, 1:30 am

A Longer Range

Not bad, not at all.

But you'll have to do another test before I'm confident with you. The Greens can be a pretty rough neighborhood and one need to select associates... carefully.

It's time to test your marksmanship. Bag me a Whitetail Buck from at least 150 feet and we're golden.
"самое большое со 150 футов"- wrong translation, right is "как минимум со 150 футов" otherwise first clause mean not less than 150ft in russian translation, that conflicts with objective.

Take a Whitetail buck from at least 47.52m (approx. 150ft.)

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