Scent Dog Tracking issue

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Scent Dog Tracking issue

Postby Reggy » September 21st, 2018, 12:11 pm

Bug Report
Game Mode: SP
Hunter Name: Reggy_Sr

Scent dog fails repeatedly and no longer can be put on Footprint Tracks after Blood Tracks. Two of the skills the dog has are: Blood Tracking - Governs how well a dog can find blood tracks, & Footprint Tracking - Governs how well a dog can find footprints of wounded animals.
Blood tracking seems ok, not great but OK, Footprint Tracking is not working well. The ability to put the dog on a Footprint track AFTER they have been tracking from blood no longer works, just get ? from dog. Many times the dog will lose trail and player will locate trail further along and try to get the dog to track from Footprint and get the ?. The ability to put dogs on a non-blood track after starting with blood track, has existed since Beta and was lost when Pointer was introduced. Due to this the dog has lost 50% of its ability to be put on a track, only tracks blood tracks now and can no longer be told to track from wounded animal footprint to resume tracking.

Steps to Reproduce:
Start hunt. Take scent dog. Shot something with arrow. Make bad shot, aim for toe :) . Have dog track. Simply press J (default) to have dog return and then try to have dog track from footprint track after blood track.
Working as intended - Dog will stop tracking non-fatal gun shots, arrow always fatal, even shot in toe.

Additional Information:
Dog level = 32
There are more threads about this if interested. This seems to be an issue for everyone but I could not find a bug report.

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Re: Scent Dog Tracking issue

Postby Zurvivalist » November 27th, 2018, 10:45 am

can confirm.. i like to train my dog on WRR with bow shot bison .. after pointer release he loses the trail on over half the animals . plenty of blood .. just looses it if the trail switches from blood to footprint or poop. I think the best fix would be to change the Hounds code .. make it so he tracks the wounded animal rather than the tracks themselves .. that system just seems full of bugs to me . in the same way the point seeks them out .

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