8x57 IS K98k Bolt Action Rifle Reloading Issues

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8x57 IS K98k Bolt Action Rifle Reloading Issues

Postby JimboCrow » March 14th, 2018, 11:25 am

Bug Report

Game Mode: SP
Hunter Name: JimboCrow

The 8x57 IS K98k Bolt Action Rifle has two problems, one with the reloading sequence, the other with the reloading audio. The problems do not appear to be related in any way, and occur separately.

1. LOADING BUG: While PRONE, the loading animation simulates loading bullets correctly, but only the first bullet counts as loaded, and then the loading animation continues without stopping until I go back into inventory or hit the ESC key. When I return to the game, the animation has stopped but the rifle shows only 1/5 bullets loaded. If I am still prone and hit the reload key again, a second bullet is loaded, and then the animation goes on ad infinitum again without any more bullets actually being loaded. I can stop the animation sequence when it starts by hitting the ESC key or going into inventory; hitting the RETURN key may also work, but I do not remember.

2. SOUND BUG: Whenever the weapon is loaded, during the animation, only the sound of the FIRST and FOURTH bullets loading can be heard. The second, third, and fifth bullets are loaded correctly, but there is no sound whatsoever.

Steps to Reproduce:
The loading bug ONLY occurs while PRONE. I can reproduce it every time I am prone and start a reload. If I am either crouched or standing there is no issue. The sound bug is always there, and should be obvious to the game's sound developer.

Additional Information:

My Computer
Platform: Enthusiast build (Intel) with nVidia video card.

OS & Version: All Windows 10

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