Zoom not working properly in tropical reserves

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Zoom not working properly in tropical reserves

Postby maros.kuzar » January 27th, 2018, 6:54 am

Bug Report
Game Mode: MP, SP

Since the day Piccabeen Bay was released, zooming is not working properly on both tropical reserves. Wnen using binos/gun optics, sights cross, rangefinder information, just everything vanishes for a second, and then comes back when the "zooing in" animation ends, but view while zoomed is green-tinted. Bows are exception, since nothing is visible even after zooming in animation ends. Only rangefinder info shows up. This makes hunting on those reserves annoying and bowhuntin impossible.

Steps to Reproduce:
Start game on tropical reserve, Piccabeen Ba or Bushrangers Run. Equip anything that zooms in when using it.

Additional Information: Images below show PP bow n normal state and aiming "zoomed in" state, from the same position and looking the same direction. Please notice the weird tint in "zoomed in" picture.

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