Boone & Crockett - camo bug for Guest in MultiPlayer Game

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Boone & Crockett - camo bug for Guest in MultiPlayer Game

Postby Tomotys » December 30th, 2017, 7:42 pm

Bug Report
Game Mode: <<MP>>
Hunter Name: Tomotys


this camouflage bug shows only in multiplayer and only for player who is not a host, so just for guests. Tested on various maps (Whitehart Island, Loggers Point, etc ...)

For example friend started a Whitehart Island map. He was wearing B&C equipment and using "G" (Camo View) with his huntermate he saw the person on the screen in "brown-orange" colour.
Then I joined the game and I used also B&C equipment. But by using "G" whith my huntermate I saw the person on the screen just grey as the backpack. I tried to change my cloth but B&C was still grey.

Then we changed our positions, so I started new multiplayer game at the same map. Now when I was the host, my B&C equipment was by using "G" on my huntermate finaly "brown-orange".
When my friend joined my game with his B&C equipment, in his huntermate was by using "G" the person only grey. Then he changed his equipment to other and huntermate finaly changed the colour to "brown-orange" or "green" (depending on his equipment).

So the problem is that, if we are joining the multiplayer game the Bone & Crockett camo does not work for GUESTS and this is realy big issue when you buy the 12M trailrunner with this camo and its not working.
Singleplayer games seems to be 0K.
Thank you .

Steps to Reproduce:
Tested on the various maps and joining various hosts, not just my friends.

Additional Information:
in multi ,
in single

My Computer
Platform: Intel C2D E6750, 4GB RAM, DX11, GF GTX 550Ti
OS & Version: Windows 64bit Win7 PRO SP1

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