Bait barrel does not attract

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Bait barrel does not attract

Postby Dr_ViEr » May 13th, 2022, 11:08 am

I do not often use feeders, but yesterday I had a strange effect. I am not sure if that is intended or a bug.

I had a well filled bait barrel in RFF.
I have a treestand close enough that all bears coming to the barrel will be spotted even if I am not at the PC at that moment.

I did a hunt lasting roughly 12hrs (RT) and at the end I shot a bear.
Normally, I do not start a new hunt at a feeder before it is active again, but for some reason, this time I did. Therefore, I was not surprised not to find any bear when I approached the barrel. I assumed, once the penalty is over the bears in that area would be attracted again and would come to the barrel. But nothing happened. All bears passed by fully unattracted. This did not even change after I had to retire and came back the next day. In that
hunt I spotted only 5 bears in 11.5 hrs (RT). None of them reacted to the barrel.

Just for comparison the hunt before it was 21 bears in 12 hrs and the hunt after it was 14 spotted bears in 9hrs.

Is this as designed? Does a feeder stay unattractive if you start a hunt during penalty mode?

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