What about an editor for maps?

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What about an editor for maps?

Postby Zycho » May 22nd, 2018, 2:30 am

How about an editor for maps (like in many other games)?
So the official team could save time and staff and even meet the needs of the community. One simply says: The next map should be e.g. be prairie and make it a competition.
Also: There are a lot of bugs on the current maps. Trees whose roots are floating, small ponds with slightly flowing water (illogical), wrong vegetation in different places, strange hills on agricultural fields, black, stony soils on which corn is supposed to grow etc., if the old maps are not already officially fixed, why not allow the fanbase to optimize these maps?
It would be very positive for the community and would benefit the game. A classic win-win situation. As formerly with Rockstar and GTA 3, VC, SA ... the modding scene has kept the games alive for years, even when the game was already totally greasy.

What do you think THC-team?
Is there already such an editor or would it have to be redeveloped?

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