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Re: China Map

Postby gas56 » January 23rd, 2018, 2:18 pm

InstinctiveArcher wrote:A panda might look good in the trophy lodge ;)

Right!............ :lol:
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Re: China Map

Postby » January 24th, 2018, 6:27 pm

gas56 wrote: wrote:This would be too much like Picabean Bay which is basically Vietnam, Phillipines, or Thailand.

I think you need to look at a geographical map, China can fit those countries in the southern part of it and isn't just a rainy season jungle, it does snow,
and gets cold, and has deciduous trees (leaves fall off), a spring, summer, fall, & winter seasons. The animals (if you looked at the list I made) there
consists of more types because of the large geographical area it covers.
Your statement is like relating that a new United States map would be like another Rougarou Bayou map.
I am not against a China map, and if one would be made, I hope we would get the best out of it.

I see what you are saying, I was just saying that they would have very similar wildlife and maybe, possibly, might have the same terrain.
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Re: China Map

Postby WolfLQ » January 24th, 2018, 11:26 pm

I would LOVE a China map... so many options!! I love this idea!! Especially a mountainous/forested region:


There are some animals that could be reused, like red foxes, but this would be my dream team of "new animals":

Chinese water deer would be a very unique trophy, and they're a little smaller than roe deer so they would be a challenge:

Golden pheasant would be an easy reskin:

SIBERIAN TIGERS... imagine being stalked by this guy:


Another easy reskin, the Asiatic black bear:

Red crowned crane:

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Re: China Map

Postby Astalos369 » January 25th, 2018, 2:35 am

I love the idea of a Chinese Map (since they shut down hunting for everyone in China back in 2005/2006) and based on what was available for information here are some animals that could be fitting (This is based more on the Gansu Province and Inner Mongolia of China)

Gobi Argali
Gobi Ibex
Alashan Wapiti (smaller elk)
Tibetan Blue Sheep or Helan Mountain Blue Sheep
Tibetan Gazelle or Hiller Gazelle
White-lipped Deer
Himalayan Snowcock
Eurasian Lynx or Grey Wolf
A pheasant of some sort
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Re: China Map

Postby Stealthhunter » January 26th, 2018, 9:10 pm

These are all great suggestions
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