Pulsar bow mission pack

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Pulsar bow mission pack

Postby _dfad_ » May 20th, 2018, 10:48 am

Here is a suggestion of what ‘Pulsar’ mission set would be.

What I offer:
A set of missions for owners of Pulsar Bow.

Why Pulsar?
By now, Pulsar bow is one of the most useless bows for missions, and I want to change that.
Why do I think that it’s useless?
Just naked numbers: there are 52 missions now that require a bow. From them:
20 can be completed with Longbow;
21 can be completed with Snakebite;
25 can be completed with Recursive Modern Bow;
26 can be completed with Parker Python;
16 only can be completed with Pulsar.

Even more. If you are new player and have only purchased ‘Stealth Hunter’ pack as your starter bundle, Pulsar would be your best friend for next weeks and the only bow in your inventory. And, for such new player, 8 of these 16 missions - just a half of them - would not be available at all, because they are preceded by missions that require having other equipment - .30-06, .270, Tripod Stand etc.

Besides missions, it is not allowed to use Cupid arrows with Pulsar, that makes it relatively useless during Valentine events.

Target audience:
‘Stealth Hunter’ subscribers;
Any owner of Pulsar bow with corresponding scope.

Structure of the pack:
The pack contains of 10 missions with growing difficulty.
First three missions do not require any additional equipment except those provided in ‘Stealth Hunter’ bundle: Pulsar Bow with 5-pin Scope (mandatory) and Outback clothes set (optional).
Missions 4, 5 and 6 would be much easier to complete with additional equipment (Ground Blind, Tree Stand, callers), but still could be completed without such equipment.
Missions 7, 8 and 9 would be hard to complete without additional equipment, however a player might cooperate with other players in multiplayer game to use their equipment.
Mission 10 is a ‘bonus’, it does not require any additional equipment or hunting tactics, only a luck and skills are necessary.
Thus, entire set does not require any additional equipment except those provided in ‘Stealth Hunter’ bundle.

All listed missions have been completed by the author before publishing the project. Test setup included Pulsar bow with regular arrows and Outback clothes set without additional gloves (Outback set itself does not include gloves) for missions 1-6, basic Arctic set for mission 7 and corresponding camouflage sets for missions 8-10 (where Outback could be used too of course).

English is not my native language, so please feel free to suggest your improvements for titles and descriptions of the missions.


Mission 1.
Total Recall
Hey, did you hear the last news? National archery team will come to Evergreen for a month, “to combine training and recreation”, as they wrote. I don’t want to blush with shame of you, so wipe off the dust from your bow and call to mind how to keep it. Hit some targets at our bow range first, then go outside and take one of those deers roaming the island.
  • Start from Border Lodge at Logger’s Point.
  • Hit a target with a score of at least 20 at 20 m distance at the Bow Range during the same hunt.
  • Hit a target with a score of at least 12 at 40 m distance at the Bow Range during the same hunt.
  • Harvest a deer using Pulsar bow during the same hunt.
This mission starts from Border Logge where Bow Range is located so new player can practice with a bow if they did not try that yet. Any deer from this reserve should be enough to complete the mission (Whitetail or Mule, male or female).
If it’s hard to program such criteria as hitting a target at the range, these subtasks can be skipped. Just harvesting a deer might be enough for 100gm mission.

Mission 2.
Fresh fillet
The archery team arrives today, and we need some fresh meat for the Welcome Party. What is more traditional than a whitetail meat in a reserve? I think two whitetails would be enough. But try not to split the bones, so there are no fragments in the fillet. Well, and recall how to use both 3-pin and 5-pin scopes.
  • Harvest Whitetail buck using Pulsar bow with a scope. Bones should not be hit.
  • Harvest Whitetail doe using Pulsar bow without a scope. Bones should not be hit.
This mission allows a player to practice with and without a scope. To make it simple enough for 150-200gm mission, there is no ‘in the same hunt’ criteria, subtasks can be completed in any order and at any reserve with Whitetails.

Mission 3.
Aim or Chase
I’ve seen how these sportsmen practice, they are really good at long distances. And what was your last result at 60m? Let me rise up my records… Ah, 210 of 300. Not too bad, but you need to practice more. And to make your workouts more effective, take some armored targets. Good aiming is the key. Either you would have strong enough arms for a sharp hit, or strong legs for a long chase after a wounded animal.
  • Harvest Red Deer buck from a minimum distance of 60 m (196.9 ft) using Pulsar bow.
  • Harvest male Wild Boar from a minimum distance of 60 m (196.9 ft) using Pulsar bow.
60 meters is easy distance for a skilled owner of Pulsar, but significant distance for a beginner with low skill on this bow. It is suggested that most players performing this mission would make body hits with long chase after that. A difficulty of this mission could be changed by altering the distance, but 60 meters seem to be optimal.

Mission 4.
Be Stealth
I keep watching how these guys practice. Their bows are state of art, I’d say, but I won’t take one to a hunt. And do you know why? Too loud, that’s why. And our Pulsars are quiet as a whisper. If you hide near a bend of a hill and call a herd of elks, they would come in one-by-one, not seeing what happens ahead. Do you get what I mean?
  • Harvest male Roosevelt Elk from a maximum distance of 20 m (65.6 ft) using Pulsar bow.
  • Harvest another male Roosevelt Elk from a maximum distance of 15 m (49.2 ft) using Pulsar bow in the same hunt.
  • Harvest another male Roosevelt Elk from a maximum distance of 10 m (32.8 ft) using Pulsar bow in the same hunt.
Typically, an elk would notice a static kneeled player in Outback dress at 4-5 m. Moves like raising up a bow increase this distance to 12-14 m. Don’t forget that you can’t keep a bow up for a long time, so for the last task you need to raise it up when an elk is in spook zone already.
So this mission is more or less easy with a ground blind, a tree stand or may be ghillie dress and scents, but the last subtask is hard enough to do without them. A player should either join MP session where a shelter is set, or get own equipment. I was able to take an elk from 2.63 m using a ground blind when I tested the mission.

Mission 5.
Oh my head… These guys from National archery team… I must admit they are masters in ‘literball’, not only in archery (sigh). I can’t blame you for picking up the glove, but you have only made 148 points at 60 m distance after five shots of that peppermint Horilka, while your rival has struck out 280.
Luckily, they are ambitious as demigods and believe they are same good in a forest. So you can take a revenge. I see you still suffer from a hangover, so let me remind the conditions. You have to bring up one buck and one yote before the breakfast. Hurry up, your rival is National Champion and he puts up his sneakers already.
  • Harvest any buck at Logger’s Point using Pulsar bow before 6:00 AM.
  • Harvest a coyote at Logger’s Point using Pulsar bow before 6:00 AM during the same hunt.
The time band 5:00 - 6:00 AM is chosen due to environment state (fog, rain) and corresponding visibility. Indeed, the visibility is excellent at 5:00 at Logger’s Point, but falls at 5:05 as if a light was switched off.
The mission is easy with additional equipment, but would require numerous attempts otherwise. It is suggested to have a tent near Tower 3 as starting point, or join multiplayer game with such tent. With that, it would typically require just 1-3 attempts to get both buck (either Whitetail or Mule in this case) and coyote between 5:00 and 6:00 AM in same hunt, and use callers and sprays.
Note that community animal maps allow to suggest Tower 1 as alternative. That’s not a good idea. Area near Tower 1 is rich of Whitetails and Hogs. Coyotes and Bobcats appear there too, but not too often so 10+ attempts might be necessary.

Mission 6.
Cold Bear Cures a Hangover
Well done! Being a champion in competitive archery doesn’t make one a good hunter. D’ya know how had your rival ‘come to the top’? I imagine I’ll be telling my grandchildren how that champion shut domestic goat of local gamekeeper pasturing behind a bush, thinking it was a deer.
But wait. Their trainer told me he would like to buy some bear skins for his new villa. Two is enough, but they should not be too dark. And do not make too many holes.
  • Harvest Blonde Black Bear with a single shot by Pulsar bow.
  • Harvest Gold Brown Bear with a single shot by Pulsar bow.
Shooting Brown Bear with a bow is not complex, but seeking for Gold one is. For my harvests, the ratio is 1 gold per 26 common.
With that, a player still has to approach bears close enough, or use active feeder and a shelter (again, have own or join multiplayer game); also, for players with low Pulsar skills, there is high probability of long tracking of a wounded bear in area with other bears nearby.
We can increase the difficulty by asking for blonde grizzly (so no baiting), or decrease by requesting light-skinned black bears only, eg. blonde and chocolate, or two blondes.

Mission 7.
Snow White Tails
Well done. We got good money for these skins, so we can enrich the genofund of some habitats of Arctic areas. I ordered two pairs of blue foxes already, but we need to clear live space for them. So we have to remove same number of common foxes from the reserve.
And listen, these sportsmen asked me to get them on a real hunt. I’ll do that myself, but I have to use all our mobile shelters, otherwise we won’t ever see a deer tail among trees. So you can’t take one, sorry.
  • Harvest common Arctic Fox with Pulsar bow without using a ground blind, tree stand or a tripod.
  • Harvest common Arctic Fox of opposite gender with Pulsar bow without using a ground blind, tree stand or a tripod during the same hunt, in less than 500 m (546 yd) from the previous one.
  • Harvest common Arctic Fox with Pulsar bow without using a ground blind, tree stand or a tripod.
  • Harvest common Arctic Fox of opposite gender with Pulsar bow without using a ground blind, tree stand or a tripod during the same hunt, in less than 500 m (546 yd) from the previous one.
Subtasks are consecutive, not parallel. We can vary the difficulty by specifying whether subtasks 3&4 should be done in same game session that subtasks 1&2 are, or it’s allowed to take a break between 2 and 3.
Additional messages are desired after completing a subtask. For example if male fox was harvested first, the message would be “Now harvest female Arctic Fox in no more than 500 m away”, and vice versa.
If next subtask (#2 or #4) is failed (if next fox is harvested on a distance more than 500 m from the previous one, or is the same gender as the previous one), the conditions should be reset, considering the latest fox as harvested in subtask 1 (or subtask 3).
The mission suggest using camouflaged Arctic dress, Jackrabbit caller and a decoy. Arctic foxes are small, agile and cautious, so it’s gonna be a challenge. Using basic blue Arctic dress, a player has to shoot from 50-60 m typically, because most foxes flee at 45-50 m even if decoy is deployed at 20 m from the player. With full camo set and scent eliminator, the fox alerts at 30-35 m.
As a legal cheat, deployable towers are allowed: they are not ‘mobile’.

Mission 8.
Don’t run from a sniper
I think I know how could we stick it to these sportsmen. But you need to practice a bit with running targets. Start with big and slow one, like a bear, and proceed to small sprinters.
  • Harvest running brown bear with Pulsar bow.
  • Then harvest running roe deer with Pulsar bow.
This mission suggests using shelters, a feeder and a caller to get targets as close as possible. Brown bear and roe deer are selected for this mission because both flee by more or less predictable route and do not jump much like mules or blacktails.
One more or less easy way to complete this mission seems to setup a shelter and a feeder at river bank at the north of Val-des-Bois reserve, where both brown bears and roe deers are frequent guests.

Mission 9.
One little duck got nailed one day
Well, you’ve made great progress last month. These sportsmen practicing nearby are a real stimul for all us. Yes, they are much better on the range than we are, but we’re still better in a field.
They depart soon, and we have last chance to show them what the real hunter is able to do. Go and take a bird from the sky. Don’t worry, I did that in the past, so you can too. Feel free to cooperate with your friends if you lack some decoys or callers.
  • Harvest airborne duck with Pulsar bow.
Any duck is sufficient.
It’s a bit more hard to get an airborne duck with Pulsar than with other bows, due to significant ‘dead zone’ of it’s scope. Many attempts could be necessary during single expedition, so a player is suggested to have good duck decoy setup or to join multiplayer session where such setup exists.

Mission 10.
Unlike others
Uff, the sportsmen gone. It was great experience, and I’ve invited them to come again next year. Well, I even think that we should invite National Biathlon team as well, with their nice .22 toys.
But do not relax. Evergreen Wildlife Museum asks us for an assistance. They want some really rare animals into their collection. Should it be a deer or a bear, it doesn’t matter at all. Even a duck is Ok, if it isn’t in it’s casual dress.
  • Harvest rare animal using Pulsar bow.
Any animal, any gender, any weight. The skin matters. And let the luck be with you.
To increase the difficulty to ‘legendary’ level, we can ask to harvest one albino, one melanistic and one leucistic animal.

May be some prize for completion the pack?

I suggest that one who completed entire mission pack deserves for a small prize, like random item from Doc’s shed or random trophy pose that they don’t own yet.

Your opinion?

Let the flame begin!

"5 FPS at Picabeen Bay" club ;)

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