Red Kangaroo Comp

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Red Kangaroo Comp

Postby Beano8U » March 1st, 2018, 8:41 am

I noticed there was a day (or 2) where comps were off for the Roos. Was starting to think of one to fill the gap. I came up with:

Jack and Jill Gangurru

The combined weight of your highest scoring male (Jack) and female (Jill) Red Kangaroo with a lung shot will be your score. Any other organ may be hit using .30-30 ammunition while the animal is unspooked.

Link to kangaroo facts which inspired the comp title: http://www.outback-australia-travel-sec ... facts.html

Males and females are also called bucks and does lol, but thought more traditional names would fit the purpose :)

(I am not Aboriginal btw, just using that term as it seems to be fitting after the Piccabeen Bay launch. Happy for it to be just "Jack and Jill"
Many people may not understand the "Gangurru" part, so all good.

Last of all, I hope I posted in the right place haha...

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Re: Red Kangaroo Comp

Postby BlueVenom » March 1st, 2018, 4:49 pm

I like it, although I'm think that people would prefer either the lung shot OR the .30-30 ammo, and not both. That may just be me though.

Also just "Jack and Jill" would be more fitting since, from what I've read, "Gangurru" describes the Grey Kangaroo and we're hunting red ones ;)

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