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Re: Culling season

Posted: March 1st, 2018, 6:38 pm
by caledonianblues
Nathan112244 wrote:How would they spawn mash and rack up kills if they make each hunt that this culling system in place cost 100em$ for entry fee.

The OP was referring to a culling event, one which might last around one week. I assumed when you suggested an entry fee that you meant for this proposed event, not for each hunt. No hunter is ever going to agree to paying 100 em$ to start a hunt unless they know they're going to get that back and then some. Harvesting more than 5 mule deer bucks in a hunt is no great task, which means it would be entirely possible to always break even and make some em$ on top. OK you might not make hundreds of em$ per hunt, but if multiples of hundreds of players are doing this at the same time, the em$ count for Expansive Worlds would rack up pretty fast. And again, my main question remains; why would Expansive Worlds do it? I can absolutely see how it benefits players, but I can't see how it benefits Expansive Worlds.