Hard to find recently completed competition leaders

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Hard to find recently completed competition leaders

Postby CAmulieman » September 29th, 2017, 1:52 pm

Last night, with 2 hours to go in the Loggin' Hogs competition, I was in 1st place. This morning I see that I did not even place in that competition. What bugs me is that I tried searching through the previous competitions all the way to page 25 (last available) and could not find the results of that previous Loggin' Hogs competition. I was curious to see how close I was to 1st place. We need a better way to find the results of recently-concluded competitions.
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Re: Hard to find recently completed competition leaders

Postby Hawkeye » September 29th, 2017, 3:46 pm

There is definitely an issue with this right now. It appears that clicking on the next page isn't actually cycling a full page of competitions, but instead is only adding the next comp to the list, so to look at 10 new comps, you would have to go to page 11 instead of page 2. Since it's limited to 25 pages, it's impossible to find all of the historical comps this way.

I thought the Wiki might have a list of all comps, but if it does, I'm unable to find them. Another trick that I use is to find the trophy in somebody's trophy case, then look at History from there. In this case, from a quick Forum search, I see that TrueshotMWM has won Loggin' Hogs in the past. So I search his trophy case, find a Loggin' Hogs trophy, then click on History...and we have another problem.

Loggin Hogs History

As you can see, the history is not displayed for the hunt that ended last night. I can only assume THAT has something to do with THIS:

Luna Duclos wrote:
DYEUZ wrote:
Luna Duclos wrote:We're experiencing some issues right now related to this, we are looking into it.

Does this affect the comps also ?
Asking because 2 days ago , if i remember correctly , i was first in highest Roosevelt Elk comp with a 387 score and about 8-10 hours left .
I did not get a msg from Doc , nor did i receive a trophy and em$ . I know em$ are the longest to receive , but usually , Doc's grats comes first thing with the trophy .
Forgot to take the actual comp's number and would be very surprised if 3 players beat me in last hours to push me down 3 spots .

Yes, it does.

From this thread: all stats very slow to update

Checking my wife's computer confirms that she hasn't received the trophy or email from doc from her turkey comp last night either, so it appears this is affecting the winners as well.
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Re: Hard to find recently completed competition leaders

Postby srb2012 » October 1st, 2017, 1:41 am

i find it frustrating too looking through the list, it would be good if the list showed completed comps in red [remains there for the next 24hours??] , comps still in progress green and waiting for signup blue.
many times i have clicked the red button only to relised the comp hasnt started yet.

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