Randomly generated missions

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Randomly generated missions

Postby Hinterbichler » May 20th, 2017, 12:25 pm


just did my first hunt to fill the trophy cabin.
Seeing that I have to pay again for every head I want to put up there made me sad.

Paying with em is not an option for me. Where's the justification for that? We're already paying for server costs with our membership, don't we?

Anyway, the price in gm's seems fair. But why don't we have an endless source of randomly generated missions? They don't have to be exciting or anything, just give us something like "Doc wants to cook a stew, collect 10 mushrooms and 5 pieces of venison."? Just something that I don't get the feeling I'm limited in everything I do, if I'm not paying even more besides my membership.

Those types of missions would provide some additional sense of reward, similar to the money in "Call of the Wild" you get for your harvests, but still a little bit more "realistic" and reasonable.

Please let me know what you think.
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Re: Randomly generated missions

Postby Violator31 » May 20th, 2017, 1:21 pm

Hinterbichler wrote:We're already paying for server costs with our membership, don't we?

Yes, I imagine that some of the membership money goes to the cost of servers, but a big portion of it goes towards payroll. In order to be able to keep paying their employees, they need to come up with more ways to generate a cashflow. This is a "premium" feature. We do not need it to play the game. Therefore they are free to charge whatever they want for it. With a membership you can hunt all reserves for any/all of the animals, but you do not get all of the equipment. It's all of these additional sales that keep the lights on.

Hinterbichler wrote:Paying with em is not an option for me.

I understand & I can only imagine that they do also. I don't know your case, but a lot of the players are younger people that don't have their own income to spend as they want. Others just don't have the extra cash they can devote to the game to have everything they want. I'm not a wealthy man, but I don't have a house payment & my bills are all paid (with very little left over each week). I just put a little cash in my Paypal account every so often - it adds up.

Hinterbichler wrote:But why don't we have an endless source of randomly generated missions?

Every time someone uses gm$ to purchase anything that could have been purchased with em$, it takes a tiny bit of profit away from the game. They provide you with the missions to keep you playing. Earning just enough to keep you interested. But they can't give away too many gm$ because it will cut into their bottom line.
For me & you, it's a game. For them, it's a business/job.

I really hope it all works out for you in the long run.

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