programmable caller device

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programmable caller device

Postby BAJA_MAJA » January 28th, 2018, 6:40 am

I play the hunter in two diffent ways there is on the move hunting and for this the callers we have in the game are perfect
And there is the stationary hunting from a tower or tree stand and for this type of hunting a programmable caller would be perfect
We have the bobcat caller this is the perfect example, now it plays one sound but what if it play more sound
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Re: programmable caller device

Postby Schlachtwolf » January 28th, 2018, 12:42 pm

I seem to remember that when the E-Caller came out they said it would in future have different calls available, so it has been note and probably in the spring we will see something happen. Maybe Samber deer or whatever could be done with an E-Caller. Water Buffalo would be fun, have 50 underneath your trestand nd then jump into the hoard with the .405 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: programmable caller device

Postby Elrique64 » July 22nd, 2018, 11:51 am

I made my own e-caller RL. Used an MP3 player and a couple of battery powered speakers with 30 feet of wire on each side. Took a set of headphone splitters and rigged them up so only left went to one leg, right to the other of the splitter. Then I edited my own calls from sounds available on the internet. I could have a single yote howling from one speaker and a jack in distress yowling on the other. Or a pack of yotes howling, and moving from one speaker to the other, to simulate the pack moving around a bit. Worked like a charm!

I've called in fox, yotes, bobs, turkey, deer, elk, feral cats, feral dogs, the random curious horse or cow and a slew of other animals. Including a few of the two-legged kind... :) (Bobcats and badgers seemed to really love the house kitten in distress for some reason.) All it takes is changing the sounds used, and a good sound editor and some time to make a call tailor made to a given animal you want to call. Horses and cows seemed to come in for just about anything... They were just plain curious what was making the racket.

The e-caller we have in game is capable of doing so much more if the development team were to take the time to make it happen. The groundwork is already laid with the menu wheel. Just add in options for other calling effects. Make it similar to the menu wheel for dogs... Want to call yotes/fox, select that menu choice. (Although, they should already be coming to the current sounds it makes, from short ranges, say under 150M. Predators are predators, they generally respond well to similar calls in the same manner... the dinner bell is ringing!!!) Want to call in turkey, select that menu choice from the selector. (Most yotes and fox are likely to check out a turkey call many times, too, BTW.) you get the idea....

Want to monetize it? Keep the e-caller's cost as is, but make each additional call 100-300EM$. Combined packs might go for a little more. Say 500-700EM$ for a given pack. Could make a duck pack, goose pack, predator pack, deer/elk/moose pack, etc. you buy the goose pack, you get all of the calls for geese you could have for hand calls... Want a long range goose call, select goose, then long range call. Geese break off and come in, then switch it to the short range call. (might take a double menu system, but shouldn't be that difficult to work out the details.)

A deer pack could have randomly spaced grunts/bleats with maybe a bit of "rattling" thrown in for variety. Same for elk, random bugles and cow mewings. Moose, same thing. Spacing could be say 30 seconds to 3 minutes, randomly.

Predator pack could be jack call, throw in the mouse squeak a bit, with a yote howling, or fox barking. (depending on which menu choice you used.) Again, randomly spacing the calls out... (Use the yote call for fox and a yote's howl is going to send that fox into the next time zone, IRL.)

A pig pack could have squeals, snorts, grunts and wheezes, the same sounds a pig makes IRL...

They could even make packs based on the reserves.... WHI pack having calls tailored to that reserve. Logger's tailored to it, etc...

When you buy a given pack, you get that pack on all of the e-callers you own or purchase later. (Just as you do with the hand calls now.) If a person is visiting your MP sessions, they get the calls on the e-caller they own and/or the host owns. Someone visiting my session doesn't own the predator pack, but I do, they could use the predator pack on the e-caller I have placed on the reserve. If they place their own e-caller, they are limited to the packs they own, but not the packs I own on their e-caller.

For that matter, the packs could be made as an inventory item. (Or a HM item. Think of it as a sim card for your phone, but it's a call card for your e-caller) You need to carry the pack in your inventory to use the features of the pack. (Or have it installed in the HM for the given hunt.) In this way a visitor to an MP session wouldn't get any of the calls for an e-caller unless he was carrying the cards himself. (Not ideal, but does drive sales of e-caller packs, I guess...)

If an animal will respond to a call, be it hand/mouth operated or not, it will respond to an e-call. Now we just need the developers to put it all together into something that can be made to work within the game, and can also make them some money doing it....
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