We need deer feeders!!!

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Re: Deer feeder

Postby Hawkeye » September 21st, 2017, 9:50 pm

lse2003 wrote:I would like to see a deer feeder for this game one that could attract whitetail, mule deer and black tail deer which could be for the more sit and wait hunter and maybe be able to set times that the feeder would go off which would double the affects it would have on attractiveness but even when the feeder doesn't go off it still can attract deer to roam closer to the area and make an animation of the deer eating under the feeder. The feeders bait could be corn which could be bought using ems and gms. It could also and sometimes attract feral hogs and turkeys.

Hello Ise2003 & welcome to theHunter forums. I merged with your post with the most recent existing topic. Please use the search function, as deer feeders have been a continuous suggestion since 2009 and there is much discussion around it. Thanks.

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