Improve the responses to predators

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Improve the responses to predators

Postby Elrique64 » July 22nd, 2018, 12:34 pm

I had something happen a while back that got me to thinking about the game mechanics and animal AI.

I was sitting in a stand I call the Platinum Stand on WHI. (Yes, it's kind of like the Golden Stand, but on S island. If you have ever been on one of my MP sessions you will know it, since I'm usually in it.) I was grunting for deer and occasionally bugling for elk. At on point I had 6 does and 3 cows sitting under the stand. Then along comes a small pack of coyotes to the spinner I had sitting 12M from the tree. I thought "Great! Now all of these deer and elk are going to spook." Imagine my surprise when the yotes formed up around the spinner and the deer and the elk still stood right under me.

Coyotes are apex predators. As such, most "prey" animals are going to react to their presence nearby. Yet these deer and elk didn't even look towards them. It wasn't until a bob came in that spooked the yotes that the whole area cleared out. (Now why a bob would spook yotes in the game is beyond me, since it's the other way around RL normally...) Not only did the yotes react to the bob, but they gave that little crunching sound they make when they spook, which spooked everything else, including the bob!!!

Now I get that yotes came after most of the other animals, and bobs came even later than that. What I don't understand is how there's a mechanism in game for bobs to spook the deer, but not one for coyotes to do it too... If anything coyotes predate on deer, so any deer would be more inclined to be watchful for them over a bobcat, which doesn't normally include deer in its diet...

so that's my suggestion, then. Give coyotes the same spooking mechanism bobcats already have. Give bobcats a spooking mechanism for coyotes, and remove the coyotes from being spooked from bobcats. (If there's a bobcat nearby and coyotes move in, the yotes should spook the bobcat away. Not the other way around, like it appears to be.)
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Re: Improve the responses to predators

Postby gas56 » July 27th, 2018, 3:05 pm

Yeah,... this seems like a messed up situation when you have predators and prey under the TS at the same time. As we all have probably observed this
happen with Wolves & Elk also under the TS, Deer & Bears playing footsie together.............. :lol:
I'd like to see changes also in the animals A.I. and hopefully it wouldn't mess up everything to spook everything.
Once they get these major bugs fixed then maybe they can have a go at it to make better A.I. behavior,..
It would make a big difference watching the animals behave in the game like they should be doing.

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