Animals for Piccabeen Bay

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Re: Animals for Piccabeen Bay

Postby gas56 » December 23rd, 2017, 2:29 pm

Stealthhunter wrote:When hunting at Piccabeen, I feel there are a lot of the animals, but they are all the same or similar. I was thinking that the beaches, swamps, and forests, might need another animal or 2.

I'm glad there's more than one opinion around this place........... :lol:
This is a good idea, but there are already have been posts with the same close thoughts..... ;) even if they aren't in the "Thoughts & Suggestions" posts... :roll:
And either way I'd like to see Croc's,.. if they had that predator attitude when you get just a little close to them wading in water or by the shores,.. watch where you tread even while hunting other animals. And not just a lay around shoot me kind of animal, but a stealthy, camouflaging animal hiding amongst the environment and a submerging sneaking reptilian that would be real evasive once a hunter started to pursue it from a distance that was laying basking in the sun on the bank, oh yeah, and only a kill shot from a long distance if you could hit the brain, otherwise you have just ***** off one cousin of a distant dinosaur that has been around since they were here on earth.
Dingo's is a yes from me even if they aren't a hunted species IRL, but I wouldn't just want to see them limited around the beach areas,.. free roaming dogs is what they need to be, something like the coyotes and wolves. Cassowaries and feral Hogs aren't in my playbook so a big NO still to the big bird of Sesame Street, and I hope they replace the Hogs with something else real soon before they never do.... ughh
what a shame!
So Croc's & Dingo's are a big YES that I would like to see happen in PB!
and sooner then later.

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