Wild Boar 3D model and texture improvements.

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Wild Boar 3D model and texture improvements.

Postby Sherab86 » November 11th, 2017, 6:34 am

First of all, as some of you might already noticed, I'm a little bit biased towards Wild Boars. So this suggestion as such could go probably also for some other animals.

But, while I realy like to hunt them (and Feral Hogs as well - but they look more natural for me - good enough), I constantly have that feeling that there is something not right with them ;P

Everyone of them looks somehow gigantic - I don't mean actual dimensions of the models, but how they look. And they generaly look somewhat grotesque and caricatural to me. I keep watching on them, and actual IRL animals on photos, and... this is simply not "that".

I know this is hard job to represent animals in a way with would be realy true to reality. But I think EW did great job with them in Call of the Wild. I know - this is new engine, so I do not expect as brilliant results in Classic, but something more in this direction.

I would also suggest separate models for females, young males (up to, and around 100 kg), and "big" males. Because I think, that current model, with some improvements (retexturing, adding a cheeks perhaps, somewhat more distinguishable head from the torso - mainly in back of mandible portion) fits relatively well to those IRL above 200 kg monsters. But somehow do not fit to "normal", avarage sized animals.

And just btw. For all animals, I would also suggest different "typical" coating depending of the maps season (summer vs. winter, and so on).
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Re: Wild Boar 3D model and texture improvements.

Postby andrefrcaetano » November 11th, 2017, 7:12 am

Thats true, both Feral Hogs and Wild Boar need a rework, they look a big "goofy" to me.
The same goes for Turkey, they look a bit diferent from what Turkeys look like IRL.

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