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Re: Pronghorn

Postby Nathan112244 » July 20th, 2018, 5:19 pm

deerman30 wrote:If we're talking about the pronghorn antelope and there has yet to be a map that matches the animal, is it possible to create a map based on the desert regions of Baja California or somewhere along Mexico?

Anything is possible, but after piccabeen i feel like most of the upcoming maps are going to be exotic.
Hopefully they add a map, closer to the plains, not sure where exactly but with pronghorn, coyotes, desert bighorn and maybe even mule deer would be cool.
European rabbits maybe? or the addition of jack rabbits?
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Re: Pronghorn

Postby louismarez925 » November 5th, 2018, 6:13 pm

ive posted twice about pronghorn and agree strongly about adding them, but you would have to add an entirely new map for them, the only map that would work for them is loggers point, and that's really pushing it. my home state of idaho has pronghorn and ive killed two. they would be an amazing addition to this game
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Re: Pronghorn

Postby EmmaHunter22 » November 6th, 2018, 1:30 pm

I haven't read all of the replies. But here's my two cents anyhow....

I would love to see pronghorn in the game; However, they wouldn't fit in any of the current reserves in my opinion.

I plan on posting this in Environment Suggestions later on, but I've been saying since the beginning that a reserve based on Arizona would be a fantastic addition to the game. Granted, I'm prejudiced... I've lived in Arizona all my life. But, most people that have been here and seen the wildlife can agree that we have some INCREDIBLE wildlife. We have mule deer, rocky mountain elk (the big kind... not them puny roosevelts ;)), coyotes, foxes, bobcats, small game (quail, dove, rabbit....), mountain lion, bison (in some areas), bighorn, pronghorn, bear.... It goes on and on. And the diversity of the area is incredible. You can go from harsh, barren scrubbrush desert, to lush green pine forests in half an hour here. The only difficulty would be deciding which animals to put in... cause oh boy are there a LOT!

Anywho, I realize that was kinda off-topic, but that's a way pronghorn would fit in, along with many others.

Also, while pronghorn are *mainly* plains animals, I've personally seen herds feeding up high in Juniper forests. Pretty weird to see, honestly, but cool nonetheless! (not trying to argue, just stating a cool fact! :))

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