Stand needs 1-hand UI

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Re: Stand needs 1-hand UI

Postby Beari » February 4th, 2024, 9:03 pm


As thehunter is ALMOST playable well with 1 hand, with excellent auto-walk built in....

BUT it's not 1-handed for the 'Use' UI when entering or interacting with stands, tents, bait, mats, decoys and targets, etc -

Please make that UI sticky, so I can first press and release E, then click Enter/Dismantle/Etc as usual.


Short E press is sticky, but Long E press is not, so the current UX remains default with no change for players who like it.

When sticky, another E press cancels, likewise a timeout such as 10 seconds.


The 10-second AutoHotKey discussed above is a good basic example.

I prefer direct features to added processes running, but this helps in the meantime, if no glitches -

Worked so far on entering tripod stand and shooting mat, adding bait, moving item.

Bears beware....

Also made an auto-walk for another game, so I can play it again this year; thanks again for the doubly useful tip.
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