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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby KhaLedHunTeR7 » November 13th, 2017, 11:13 am

this is my favorite loadout in lorges point map. ;)


The bullpup design makes this rifle shorter and lighter than most hunting rifles also uses powerful 7mm magnum cartridges that can take down large prey over vast distances. this is a littel information i wish it helpfull.
its my pleasure to be a member in his great game. :*
goodluck every one
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby LEFLOR » November 13th, 2017, 11:18 am

My favorite Logger's Point Bobcat loadout :


Weapons and sights :

- .223 bolt action with 12x50mm scope, great to take bobcats and coyotes with vital hit
- Tenpoint carbon fusion camo with 3x tenpoint scope for deers and feral hogs
- .454 El Bisonte with 2-6x20mm scope (no need to draw a picture to explain what it is for? ;) ), without the scope when I'm moving out of the open field...
- .17 HMR with 3-9x40 Anschutz scope, I fell in love with this little rifle, rabbits at 200m+, pheasants (flying too)...

and yes I carry 3 boxes of ammunition for all my weapons (as much as the dog's bag is used for something :))

Accessories :

- 7x42 rangefinder, idéal for mark a shoot
- deer grunt caller
- feral hog caller
- predator caller
- shooting Tripod Rest, very good reduced wooble, pity that it is not usable with tenpoint :(
- scent eliminator

In bag :

- pheasant caller
- camping supplies (for fast travel at my bobcats location :P )
- face paint
- wind indicator
- Dog treats (if is kind :) )

On the map I placed a tent near a 2 person tree stand where bobcat often walk and install a Rabbit decoy beside. I could have put a tripod stand instead, it could have worked too...
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orango tango
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby orango tango » November 13th, 2017, 6:01 pm
My favorite equipment for Val-des-Bois

1_Reverse draw crossbow- 2x20mm scope black
2_340 Weatherby Magnum Bolt Action Rifle_ 2-10x42 rife scope forest camo
3_22 pistol- 2-6x20 scope silver
4_Red deer caller
5_Roe deer caller
6_7x42mm binoculars-forest green
7_predator caller
8_16x50mm spotting scope black
9_Motion predator decoy

Not equipped
Compound bow pulsar black + 5 pin optics for pulsar arc
243 bolt action rifle-carbon + 3-9x40mm rife scope silver
Scent Eliminator and extra ammunition.
Dog_Dick-Male Retriever Yellow.
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Hadlee » November 13th, 2017, 10:40 pm ... 5E5AE936B/

Here is my favorite Val-Des-Bois Map setup
I have the 30 R O/U Break Action Rifle for all the Red Deer, Brown Bear, and Roe Deer is it has a fast reload and quick shooting, and is powerfull enough for the job. I take the Compund-ParkerPython bow for everything on the reserver so that i can be sneaky and not spook everything around me, this maximises the amount of animals i get during my hunt. Lastly i have the 357 for all the red foxes and some of the roe deer, as it powerfull enough and can shoot long distances.

Dont Forget to submit your Map Loadouts... ;)

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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Mills » November 13th, 2017, 10:48 pm

Mills' Whiterime Ridge Loadout:


This loadout can be played on the entire Whiterime Ridge map and be very effective, however it is setup best for use on the northern half of Whiterime Ridge. You have the .300 bolt action for big/medium game, the .22 plinkington for fast and easy plinkin' on snowshoe hares, the .454 "El Bisonte" for self defence or quick stopping power, reverse draw crossbow for a stealth option, and the.357 revolver for arctic fox or up close sitkas and dalls. Each weapon in this loadout will have 2 packs of ammunition. Callers/Lures for each animal included for your hunting convenience. Spotting devices to help point out a hare from a snowball. Challenging hunts and easy hunts await you with a simple weapon swap from your secondary and dog inventory depending on your mood/comp/mission requirements. All the bases are covered. Expect to harvest a plethora of game. Make room in your deepfreeze ladies and gents.

Weapon #1 .300 Bolt Action Rifle "Winter Camo" w/ 2-10x42 Rifle Scope "Black" x 1 pack .300 Nosler Accubond Cartridges: - Hot Key #1
For use against: Polar Bear, Bison, Moose, Sitka Deer, Dall Sheep.

Weapon #2 .22 Plinkington Semi-Auto Rifle "Winter Camo" w/ 3-9x40mm Anschütz Rifle Scope "Black" x 1 pack .22 LR Cartridges: - Hot Key #2
For use against: Snowshoe Hare.

Weapon #3 .454 Revolver "El Bisonte" w/ 2-6x20mm Handgun Scope "Silver" x 1 pack .454 Nosler Custom Handgun Cartridges: - Hot Key #3
For use against: Polar Bear, Bison, Moose.

Weapon #4 Reverse Draw Crossbow "Winter Camo" w/ 2x20mm Reverse Draw Crossbow Scope "Black": - Secondary Inventory
For use against: All Species.

Weapon #5 .357 Revolver "Black" w/ 2-6x20mm Handgun Scope "Black" - Dog Inventory
For use against: Arctic Fox, Sitka Deer, Dall Sheep.

Equipment Item #1 Motion Predator Decoy "Rabbit" - Hot Key #4
For luring in arctic foxes.

Equipment Item #2 Predator "Jackrabbit" Caller - Hot Key #5
For luring in arctic foxes.

Equipment Item #3 Deer "Grunt" Call - Hot Key #6
For luring in sitka deer.

Equipment Item #4 7x42mm Rangefinder Binoculars "Forest Green" - Hot Key #7
For checking accurate range measurements/spotting.

Equipment Item #5 16x50mm Spotting Scope "Black" - Hot Key #8
For long range spotting.

Equipment Item #6 Scent Eliminator (50 Uses) - Hot Key #9
For terminating your odor against finicky foxes and deer.

Dog Male Scent Hound "Light Coat"
Equipped with Dog Caller "Blue" and Dog Backpack "Sneaky 3D Arctic Winter Camo"

Secondary Inventory
- Reverse Draw Crossbow "Winter Camo"
- 2x20mm Reverse Draw Crossbow Scope
- 1 pack Crossbow Arrows "Standard" (10 arrows)
- 12x50 mm Rifle Scope "Black"- secondary scope for .22 Plinkington for extreme long range plinkin'
- Sitka Deer Scent Spray
- First Aid Kits - for healing from falling into water, fall damage, or being attacked by animal

Dog Inventory
- .357 Revolver "Black"
- 2-6x20mm Handgun Scope "Black"
- 2 packs .357 Nosler Sporting Handgun (2x10 cartridges)
- 1 pack .300 Nosler Accubond (10 cartridges)
- 1 pack .22 LR (10 cartridges)
- 1 pack .454 Nosler Custom Handgun (10 cartridges)
- 1 pack Crossbow Arrows "Standard" (10 arrows)
- Moose Caller

Large Equipment
- Ground Blind "Sneaky 3D Arctic Winter Camo"
- Tree Stand "Winter Camo"
- Tripod Stand "Winter Camo"
- Happy Camper Heated Tent "Winter Camo" x 2
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby mapache01 » November 14th, 2017, 12:25 am

My favorite - Universal Loadout - Perfect for WhiteHeart Island/Settler Creek/Loggers Point


Weapons and Scope

- 7mm Magnum Bullpup wiht 12xScope (You can shot anything medium-big, all deer species, Bears, Yotes, Wolf, Roos, Pigs, Goat)
- Parker Bow with 5pin ranagefinder sight - No spook weapon (Perfect for Turkeys, Fox, Bears, Wolf, varmints (all does jejejeje)
-.22L Pistol with 2-6x20mm scope (Rabbits, Birds) - On WRidge and Timbergold Switched to El Bisonte
.243 with 2-10x42 Scope (for Bobcat, Fox)

- 7x42 rangefinder
-16x50mm spooting scope
- deer grunt caller
- Elk Caller
- Turkey Caller
- scent eliminator

2 xtra box 7mm ammo, 20 Arrows, 1 box .243

-Camping Supplies
-Predator Caller
-Moose Caller
-Red deer Caller
-Hog Caller (forgot to include on picture) (still .25 units space left)

Also Works really good for Timbergold

For Timbergold, Bushranger, VdBois and WRidge I switcth .22LR Pistol to El Bisonte for Bison/Grizzly/Feral
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Thunderfoxjer » November 14th, 2017, 12:50 am

caledonianblues wrote:
Thunderfoxjer wrote:Here is my favorite typical loadout for Val-Des-Bois reserve

Man, you must be making a right mess of those bunnies and ptarmigans! ;)

Lol well actually this Loadout is my most successful one right now and its for Brown Bear Roe Deer and Red Deer :D
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Stealthhunter » November 14th, 2017, 5:09 am

Hello everyone (you may already know my hunter name as Denva03). I am unable to take a screenshot of my inventory as it takes the screenshot of the desktop or whatever is opened behind my game, so i will type it for you. I don't know if this is allowed in the comp but my load-out includes weapons i don't own yet but i would like to see in saved in a load-out.
Load-out for RFF
Name: Camp Out
9.3x62 Anschütz 1780 D FL Bolt Action Rifle (Premium) or 9.3x62 Anschütz 1780 D FL Bolt Action Rifle (SOFT-Grip Wood Green)
Recurve bow
10mm Semi-Automatic Pistol
Slot 4 - Range-finding binoculars
Slot 5 - Spotting scope
Slot 6 - Grunt caller
Slot 7 - Elk caller
Slot 8 - Moose caller
Slot 9 - Scent spray (elk,moose or black-tail) optional
Large items:
Tree stand/Tent
1 x First Aid kit
1 x Camping supplies
1 x Scent eliminator
Doc Monsignor or Forest Ghillie suit
My hunter name is Denva03
Please click this link if you are interested in joining up to the UHCapps site. You can win prizes and earn points to get em on the UHCapps
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby EW_Mat » November 14th, 2017, 2:20 pm


Judging tomorrow is going to be tough :lol:
Great entries everyone and if you haven't got yours in yet, you still have a little over 4 and a half hours left to get it in!

Tomorrow's going to be fun :)

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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby RegimentsTyp2 » November 14th, 2017, 5:43 pm

This is my Logger's Point Loadout


With this loadout you can shoot every animal at Logger's Point. You can stalk the animals or wait for them.

1. .30-06 Stutzen Bolt Action Rifle with the 2-10x42 Rifle Scope (Black) -> this is one of my favorite weapons right now
2. Compound Bow "Pulsar" (Forest Camo) with the 5 Pin Compound Bow Sight -> beautiful bow with a lot of power
3. 10mm Semi-Automatic Pistol with the Red Dot Pistol Scope -> historical handgun with a great history
4. .357 Revolver with the 2-6x20mm Handgun Scope (Black) -> in the bagback -> standard, everybody should have this handgun ^^

The callers and carried items:
Deer "Grunt" Call
Hog "Squeal" Caller
Predator "Jackrabbit" Caller
Electronic Caller
Motion Predator Decoy
Mule Deer Urine Spray
Whitetail Deer Urine Spray
Shooting Tripod Rest (Constant)

Large equipment:
Tree Stand (Basic Camo)
Tripod Stand (Basic Camo)
Ground Blind (Basic Camo)

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