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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby J_Birdman » November 11th, 2017, 4:27 am

This is my Timbergold Trails loadout. It's the very first loadout I plan on creating when the new preset loadout feature is released and I can't wait. In my opinion this loadout is deep and extremely versatile, while still allowing the hunter to fill all three weapon slots +1. Once fully equipped, the hunter would be armed with every weapon and ammo type needed to legally and ethically take down Timbergold's full lineup of game animals. If this loadout were to be sold as a bundle it would probably be a dream loadout to a new player, much like the Hirschfelden and Rougarou setup bundles were to me when I first started playing two years ago. With the uniqueness of predator hunting and Timbergold Trails overall, it would have certainly been high up on my bundle wish list back then. I'm calling it..

TGT Every Way


(premium editions of weapons and gear replaceable with standard editions)


12 GA Blaser F3 Game O/U Shotgun (Custom Grade V Edition shown)

Wide, open areas in Timbergold are few and far between, being more dense and rough than even Settlers Creek reserve in most places, and a shotgun is just the ticket you need for a successful trip through it's rugged beauty. A superb utility weapon permitted for every game animal in Timbergold, the 12 GA Blaser F3 Game O/U Shotgun is a solid choice for a happy hunt. It has the speed and finesse for upland birding, along with the power and superb, on-demand follow-up shot capabilities required for larger game. There's a shotgun ammo for every need and desire; you get birdshot for the White-tailed Ptarmigans, your choice of buckshot or slug for the Grey Wolves, Bighorn Sheep and Mule Deer, and slugs for the hefty Grizzlies and majestic Rocky Mountain Elk. You can't go wrong with a double-barreled 12 GA shotgun which can deliver two quick successive shots with no ammo-cycling required. Practice those double-tap shots and feel like the hitman you've always wanted to be.

Heavy Recurve Bow (InstinctiveArcher Edition shown)

Does bowhunting in the EHR get any better than this? Not only a fellow hunter-designed weapon, but one that wrecks whatever it hits, even the grumpiest of grizzlies. The feel of both recurve bows is exceptional to all other bows in the EHR, but the feel of this particular recurve is super sweet in my humble opinion, not to mention it's awesome stopping power. This baby is another multi-purpose life taker with the ability to legally take all six of Timbergold's beautiful creatures, though the birds would certainly be a challenge. There's two other weapons to handle those much better, though.

.454 Revolver (El Toro Edition shown) w/2-6x20 Handgun Scope*

When you absolutely, positively must drop whatever you decide to point it at, and in Timbergold that means bears and elk. Whether it be self-protection against a rampaging Grizzly Bear, or protecting your best hunting bud from a rampaging Grizzly Bear, or protecting your dog from a rampaging Grizzly Bear, or protecting your kill from a rampaging Grizzly Bear, or even removing a whole pod of Rocky Mountain Elk ..who are rampaging ..It gets the job done, in outstanding fashion.

.22 Pistol (Grasshopper Edition shown) w/2-6x20 Handgun Scope*

Getting tired of slamming ounces of lead shot pellets into the smallest bird in the grouse family? Take the next step forward in your White-tailed Ptarmigan adventures and try your hand at placing just one tiny pellet into them instead. The good news is you get ten quick attempts before having to reload! The bad news is it's usually best if you do it when they're airborne. (Aw, aww!) Good luck.

*Same scope, can be used for both handguns. #smartlikethat


12 GA Blaser F3 Game O/U Shotgun - 10 Slug Shells, 10 Buckshot Shells, 30 Birdshot Shells

Heavy Recurve Bow - 20 Standard Broadhead Arrows

.454 Revolver - 20 rds .454 Nosler Custom Handgun Ammunition

.22 Pistol - 50 rds .22LR Ammunition


16x50mm Spotting Scope - Excellent for picking out animals in the thick, pin-pointing the trophy in the bunch, or just straight up spot-info farming

7x42mm Rangefinder Binoculars - Nothing beats being able to range your targets/kill-zones to set yourself up for the perfect opportunity

Small Equipment

(every attractant for the ultimate Timbergold Trails experience)

Deer "Grunt" Caller - BE the big buck

Elk "Bugle" Caller - Elk sure are chatty, have a bit of good conversation with some

Wolf "Elk Calf" caller - Make like a hurt calf, cry a lot, and be in your shoot spot before they come slithering in

Mule Deer Urine Spray & Rocky Mountain Elk Scent Spray - Think "Classy", just a little dab behind the ears

Electronic Caller (Shockwave Edition) x2

Motion Predator Decoy (Double Tail Edition) x1

Motion Predator Decoy (Rabbit Edition) x1

Did you know that Timbergold Trails has many old, abandoned cabin/settlement sites which are not indicated on the map as Points of Interest? I won't spoil how many I've discovered or where, but I will say I've found more here in TGT than in any other single reserve. If you find them don't be afraid to use them as hunting stands, as many of them have multiple elevated shooting positions to choose from, usually overlooking flatter ground with shorter grass. Of course, this same strategy applies to the known Points of Interests already mapped out for us as well. The reason I mention all of this? Wolves. Big, Grey ones. If you happen to discover a long lost settlement or Point of Interest that's particularly hot with wolves, it might be worth putting down a permanent Electronic Caller and/or Motion Predator Decoy setup. The size of the reserve and the great range of the Grey Wolves' favorite hunting grounds certainly makes owning two e-callers and two e-critters a very desirable prospect, indeed. They, along with the Wolf "Elk Calf" Caller and elk carcasses to be found in the reserve, make for a truly personalized and unique predator hunting experience. Be creative and use all the various callers, along with all of the naturally existing features which Timbergold has to offer, in forming different combinations to aid in your success. There's nothing sweeter in the EHR than creating your own hot setup in your own hot spot in your own reserve. What will you do with yours?

Shooting Tripod Rest

The diverse and often harsh landscape of Timbergold Trails can sometimes drive even the most veteranest hunters to drink. Some may already be nipping at their flasks. So finding good shooting positions can be quite a tall order thanks to the rolling seas of tall, fall grasses which can be unholy and unmerciful in blocking your field of vision, oddly and perpetually with nary a boulder in sight. Thankfully, though, there's a solution; the Shooting Tripod Rest. It's the perfect tool for the job. Place it in an easy-to-access equipment slot, silently and quickly set it up either on the run or at a favorite ambush site, and presto-chango no more firearm wobble or uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach as you pull the trigger. Instead you can feel quite confident when you're aiming and you're shooting like a true Pro instead of poking out of the grass and waving your weapon around like an amateur weekender who's thinking about going vegan. From either a crouched or standing position, let 'er rip and watch your rounds go right where you want them, before burying themselves into the walking and poo'ing hit-box roulette machine you fired at. ~WINK~ JK! It's all good sport.

Marker Flag

How many times have you gotten out of your stand, crouched and crawled through thick brush and undercover to a call/scent spot, placed your calls and scents, turned around, crouched and crawled back through thick brush and undercover into your stand, only to look out in horror as you see your trophy buck moving in fast and heading right for the spot but that you don't know where that spot is exactly? Even worse, you need to hit your animal at a very particular range and/or hit a particular organ? For me, many. So, when it's sometimes crucial to know and remember exactly where your call/scent spot was placed, drop a flag on it.. and then now ya' know. (ProTip; Don't forget to pick your flag back up. Exactly as I've done ..each and every single time ...yeah) They can also be used as a good way to mark unknown/difficult to see water routes, or at hard to locate/best climbing routes in mountainous regions, or just at favorite shooting spot like a particular boulder in a sea of boulders for example. Helpful for both yourself and guests alike.

Face Paint (pattern optional)

Being quiet, making like a bush to break up the outline of your figure, and eating healthy are the keys to victory in the EHR, and the denizens of Timbergold Trails can be exceptionally wary. If Arnold can fool a space alien with just some mud, think of the wonders you can do with this camo Face Paint. Apply liberally.

Scent Eliminator - Be a thinker, not a stinker, just like Apollo Creed does. The 50 unit bottle gives you a good fair amount of uses for a good fair amount of weight.

First Aid Kits - From gruesome Grizzly Bear maulings to gruesome free-fall flights from great heights, they'll cure what ails ya' in Timbergold Trails. Apply liberally.


Scent Hound (sex and color optional)

The keen amongst you may have noticed by now that this loadout takes advantage of one of the most unique aspects of hunting life in the EHR.. a hunting aid and affable companion built right into one. For those not so quick on the uptake; it has four legs, a huge nose, big floppy ears, and saddle-bags.. Nope not a trail pony. They eat too much and, conversely, are too tempting a meal for the grizzlies who are fatting up for their fast approaching winter rest. That's right, the ever-faithful, ever-pursuant Scent Hound; a hunting partner that can assist you in tracking down any wounded prey(presumably due to the sun getting in your eye ..the good one) in even the tallest of grasses, as well as provide the small but vital increase in carrying capacity needed to completely fit out your upcoming expedition.

Dog Backpack (Fall Forest Camo Edition)

Wrestle one of these onto your hound and you're all set for a full day, or all that remains of it, of hunting without all the hassle of replenishing your ammo and supplies mid-day. Even better, the Fall Forest Camo version gives your hound the exact edge he or she needs for that extra boost of sneakiness to further help ensure success. Besides, they love being able to run around like crazy in the great outdoors, just like you.

Dog Treats (Extra Large Pack)

These scooby snacks are guaranteed to help hounds both young and old to learn faster. Be sure and treat your working animal after each and every successful tracking command to get the most out of this wonderful product. This extra large pack of 100 units will be sure to last a long, long time as your working animal learns their job, but the sheer genius of this whole system is that the burden of weight is placed directly onto your furry little hunting buddy's back. What could be better? And what could go wrong? (ProTip; toss in a handful of dry oatmeal and it also makes for a hearty (cough!) trailmix for yourself, or unsuspecting friend)

Large Equipment

Although I myself am a stealth/stalk hunter at heart, no matter what style of hunting you prefer, you surely will discover those extra special spots in Timbergold Trails that deserve extra special treatment, and in the EHR that extra special treatment comes in the form of HEAVY GEAR. My top three large equipment recommendations for Timbergold Trails, in order, would have to be..

#1 - Trapper Tent

It's all about the tents. If I had a theHunter mantra, that'd be it. Tents fully open up the EHR to you and your guests, and the EHR is ever-growing, so the more tents the merrier. Even with a fully tented out reserve, Timbergold's vastness almost demands that you leave one tent off the ground and in your backpack to use as a carry around for those special situation when you need the ultimate in hunting efficiency. However, either placed permanently in your reserve or used "on the run", the Trapper tent fits the rustic beauty of Timbergold's landscape beautifully while allowing you to easily and quickly swap out or replenish any gear you might need mid-hunt. Why waste time traveling to a lodge or tent, perhaps allowing the trail to go cold or perhaps even being forced to call the hunt prematurely, when you can simply set your tent down, grab what you need, and get right back on the trail? And trust me, your hunting buddies will love you for it. Whatever you do, don't forget to take full advantage of Timbergold's built-in transportation system, though; its fast-transit railroad and tunnel system. They'll get your where you need to go much, much quicker than could otherwise be achieved, and a smartly placed permanent tent near a train tunnel can greatly open up your highland hunting excursions as if by magic. Your Bighorn Sheep and White-Tailed Ptarmigans numbers will be soaring before you know it.

#2, First choice - Deployable Tower (Bare Wood Edition)

I must admit I list this as my number two large equipment recommendation in the hopes of finally seeing a Deployable Tower as part of a bundle. Another part of me thinks the Bare Wood version just fits Timbergold like a charm, just like the Trapper Tent. I personally have one located at the very productive river fork area and think it looks fantastic, but won't be surprised or sore if this item is dis-allowed because it's never been done before as far as I know, thus I've included an alternate choice..

#2, Second Choice - Two Person Tree Stand (Forest Camo Mesh Edition)

If the Deployable Tower in a bundle can't be a real thing, then my number two large equipment recommendation would be this dandy. A great way to get a great birds-eye view over a great big elk carcass as you try to tempt the great Grey Wolf out of cover. Alone or with a friend, gotta love the 360 degree field of vision this two-seater affords. Deaths from above.

#3 - Tripod Stand

Oh, what would I do without thee, my precious Tripod Stands? Sitting a lot closer to the ground, unable to see very far or very much around me, slowly spinning in circles to try and protect my back, being seen, smelled, and heard by all. That's where.


A year later and I'm still learning Timbergold Trails. It's so large, and really pretty, and quite unique in many ways, and a whole lot to take all in. It's also extremely challenging, both in terrain and species. I'm still outfitting it and that's also a huge part of my attraction, as I'm happy to take my time equipping it while I continue to unlock its secrets. The new and upcoming backpack loadout system has been a dream of mine and many, I can't believe it's soon about to come true. I thank EW for developing a pre-set loadouts system and creating this fun competition around it. I like the plan EW has divulged to us and wish nothing but the best for everyone in its release. Also good luck to everyone joining this comp and happy hunting.
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Ringalor » November 11th, 2017, 4:52 am



I like the "12 GA Blaser F3" to hunt in the old way, the "Compound Bow Parker Python" for a silent hunt and the ".357 Revolver (First Lady)"
for the elegance. Of course, I need to protect myself from bears, to feel and see where the wind comes from, to trap the fox and catch it
with perfection, to travel quickly if I change my mind, to hide myself in a tree to rest and maybe cross a majestic deer, and finally share those
moments with my dog ObiOne ...
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby andrefrcaetano » November 11th, 2017, 6:46 am

Here's my Ultimate Loggers Point Loadout.


Since Loggers Point is my favourite Reserve in the game, i had to come up with something that could able me to hunt whatever i wanted efficiently, so here it is :)
Firstly i had the .30 R O/U Bolt Action Rifle as the only rifle in the Loadout, but since it couldnt kill Coyote, i ended up changing it for the .30-06 Stutzen Bolt Action Rifle, wich works ver well too.
Of course we need a silent weapon, and thats the reason for the Parker Python Compound Bow to be there (this bow can be changed for the Pulsar, since the Loadout includes the Rangefinder).
And then theres the little .22 Grasshopper for Pheasants and Rabbits.
The included Callers attract all the atractable Species in the Reserve.
You could use a Treestand or a Tripod to go along with this, they would work perfectly with the equipment mentioned.
I also added some Wind Indicator and Scent Spray to add some more "stealthyness" :D
Although its a pretty simple Loadout, its very effective too, since it enables you to hunt freely in the mentioned Reserve.
Hope you like it :D
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby kahuamp » November 11th, 2017, 7:09 am

Hi all, I give you my favourite Hemmeldal loadout:


The 30 06 lever action, of course, for versatility, power, and fast reload
The Recurve bow (I do own the Snakebite as well, but I like the Recurve's more challenging)
The Pump Action Shotgun, with a box of birdshot ammo, just to shut up those pesky ptarmigans :) + a box of buckshot for foxes as well (although I enjoy the challenge of hunting them with a bow)


Moose caller and Scent(which I haven't used yet, as I've yet to meet a worthy 200+ moose)
Roe Deer Caller
Reindeer Caller
Jackrabbit Caller

Other Equipment

Wind indicator (just to have it in my bag, I usually watch the snowflakes or leaves to see which way the wind blows)
Scent Eliminator
30 06 Scope ( i just love the side mount )
Standard Issue Binoculars ( I prefer a wider field of view in detriment of the rangefinder)
Spotting scope
Camera - sometimes I just wander around and take pictures, as outdated quality as it is :)

Dog (which I haven't officially named yet, but I call him Liquor, cause I always take Liquor with me when I hunt :)))

Although I do own several tents, treestand and ground blind, I enjoy roaming hunts rather than static ( or I just set them up before the hunt)
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby dudu00 » November 11th, 2017, 9:30 am

This is my favorite loadout for hunting on Whiterime Ridge
The Weatherby Magnum .340 Bolt Rifle is used to shoot down the bison, moose and polar bear.
The .30-06 Lever Rifle is used to shoot down the long distance sitka deer.
The Grasshopper .22 is used in case I find any hare lost there.
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby DarkHunterXX » November 11th, 2017, 10:36 am

Well i have been thinking about which reserve i would choose, i saw a lot of them for WHI so i choose to do one for Loggers point.
I call this one: Everything you need - Loggerspoint



Versatile without a risk:
We want to have something versatile , so i chose the 30-06 Lever action rifle.
If you have some hog feeders it's always usefull to get fast follow up shots, this weapon is easily capable of doing that.
Also, if you see a big Mule or Whitetail buck and you don't want to take any risks: this weapon is allowed to shoot at them :)
You will need to have the scope to get the most use out of it.

Quiet and powerfull:
If you come across a group of bucks or coyotes you want to stay quiet so you have a chance to take a few out, that's the part where the "old" trusted Parker python bow comes in use.
You can use this bow with the range pin sight or without.

Fast and deadly:
Than we have the pistol slot left. I have been thinking about which one to go with, the .357 is a great choice if you come across a bobcat and you don't want to risk spooking it.
Also usefull if you want to kill a coyote or other deer specie.
I prefer to use the 2-6x20 scope for it, but any will do (it will be harder to take a bobcat down without a scope).

For the small game lovers:
If you love to hunt small game, like rabbits or pheasant, you can take the .22 pistol with you.
it's not heavy so you can put it in your backpack. You already have a scope for the .357 which you can use on this pistol as well.

For the callers, take all the callers for the animals which are on the reserve:
1. Deer grunt / bleet / premium grunt caller
2. Predator Jackrabbit caller (also attracts bobcat).
3. Hog sqeal caller, (you can do it without one if you have a feeder).
4: Pheasant caller , (you can locate them easily).

If you want to get the most out of your hunt you will need some equipment:
1. Take the rangefinder bino's. Especially if you do not have a range sight for your Parker python . This way you can get the range and aim at the right pin.
2. the 16x50 spotting scope , you might catch a glimpse of that big buck out there in the forest.
3. First aid kit, those hogs can be aggressive.
4. Scent eliminator
5. Wind indicator to check the wind.
6. Some camping supplies if you want to head over to another part of the reserve.

All this equipment is very heavy in total, if you don't want to carry so much, get your dog out and give him a "backpack".
This is also good company and helps you track a wounded animal.
but it's not really necessary , you will be able to have it all on your own back ;)

Other equipment: *not really necessary:
1. Hog feeder (it can be usefull if you want take down some hogs with the 30-06).
2. A groundblind , for in the fields (extra camouflage)
3. A Treestand, for in the forest area's (extra camouflage)

Other things to consider:
- If you want to focus on getting bobcats , take a bobcat caller with you, works better than just a predator caller.
Photographer of the world, and playing this awesome game ;) :D Youtube:
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby MarshMelon » November 11th, 2017, 11:03 am


The Silent(ish) Stalker bundle:

Weapons: As this is my Whitehart loadout, I tend to bring my bow and crossbow as my main guns. These allow me to easily hunt any animal in the reserve. Furthermore I bring along the .22 Grasshopper as I trust that it will help me bag any nice turkeys I see while hunting. I bring my 7mm Breakaction incase I see a big buck or bull wandering around. With this set up I have had many successful hunts, especially with shooting turkey. I'm confident that the parker python is critical to this loadout just because it's so strong in this reserve, with the crossbow to shoot the bigger elks.

Gear: As you can see I have every caller needed to hunt every animal in this reserve. This is because i'm a fan of shooting what I can see so having all the callers allows me to walk and shoot throughout the reserve. In terms of larger equipment a tent is a must, along with a ground blind and a tree stand. I am a big fan of tree stands in this reserve due to the popularity of the Golden Treestand. I tend to bring along my Whitetail deer urine spray to help secure those large bucks. In the screenshot I forgot to take out the Moose scent spray which was a mistake but you can take it to Whitehart if you want, just know you won't get anything with it ;).

With this loadout I have gotten many large turkeys and have had a blast running around shooting what I see. I have fond memories of this reserve of my first turkey and trying out my parker python for the first time. It is because of this that I made this loadout for my favourite weapons (bow and crossbow) on my favourite reserve. I just love how versatile this loadout is and I can't wait to make it a proper loadout for me to swap back to again and again. :)
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Timbergold Saturday Competitions Loadout

Postby Rustin » November 11th, 2017, 12:16 pm


I've been on theHunter for quite a number of years and I enjoy the competitions that are featured each day. I use the above loadout for my Saturday hunts. The Saturday competitions that are in play for the lower elevations of Timbergold Trails are: Mule - Biggest Mule, Grizzly - Smokin' Bear, Elk - Smoking Elk & Grey Wolf - Inside the Pack.
The .50 Inline Muzzleloader is the perfect weapon for bucks, bulls, and male grizzlies & greys. As soon as I hear a call or get to the full circle trail of a hopeful trophy, I quickly load either the saboted or conical bullet, making this a one-gun solution.
The Heavy Recurve Bow by InstinctiveArcher is perfect for doe, cows, and female grizzlies & greys. Silent enough to kill without the spook radius of any gun. A well placed shot with an immediate kill should mean no spook effect. Then the next doe, cow or female grey walks into range. Virtually a buffet table of meat, without spooking any of those trophies.
Since the weapons are few, the setup allows for a heavier large equipment item, such as the tripod stand. While normally I prefer a treestand, there are too many trees in Timbergold that won't allow for the treestand setup so the tripod stand allows for a hidden location anywhere.
The calls are for every lure-able animal in the reserve and the first aid kit is for those times that I don't see that grizzly in time or I fall off the hillside while tracking a tricky prey. I had some Halloween face paint left over but in a buyable loadout I would like to see a fall facepaint.
Aside from what you see, I would also add a single trapper tent to place at the lake that is northwest of Everfall Lodge. I like this location the best because all 4 animals roam the area of the lake and the outflowing river. Then add a few (1-3) towers or blinds to the open areas on each section of the river.
Alternatively, the loadout could include the tripod rest instead of the tripod stand. This would open up the equipment capacity for wind indicators & replacing the Heavy Recurve with one of the compound bows with extra sights.
Hope you enjoy and I look forward to your name being in the top 20 of the future Timbergold Trails Saturday competitions!
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Seifer » November 11th, 2017, 12:44 pm

I call this my "Whiteout Loadout" for Whiterime Ridge


.300 Bolt Action Rifle Winter Camo - Ethical for Bison, Polar Bear, Moose, Sitka Deer and Dall Sheep.
Reverse Draw Crossbow Winter Camo - Ethical for anything and good for those stealthy kills.

7x42mm Rangefinder Binoculars Forest Green
16x50mm Spotting Scope Black
Deer "Grunt" Call
Moose Caller
Predator "Jackrabbit" Caller
Scent Eliminator
First aid - For unfortunate encounters with Bison, Moose and Polar Bear ;)
Camping Supplies
2 Marker Flags - So I can pick up where I left off if I abandon a track or for marking new blood tracks.
Scents (Moose and Sitka Deer)
Motion Predator Decoy Rabbit

Large Equipment:
3 - Happy Camper Heated Tent Winter Camo
3 - Ground Blind Sneaky 3D Arctic Winter Camo
3 - Tripod Stand Winter Camo

With this loadout I can hunt any animal. My preferred large equipment is ground blinds and tripod stands (can be used effectively most places).

Don't mind me, I'm just thinking out loud ;) Mike (Seifer210) ♉
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby CalloftheWild » November 11th, 2017, 3:17 pm

TGT loadout. Silent Death
(Sorry couldn't figure out how to post the pic so I gave the link.)

Recurve bow I use for animals that are close.
Pulsar for those that are a bit farther away.
Crossbow for wolves and animals even farther away. Such as a grizzly that i dropped on the spot at 80+ meters.
And the .454 for troublesome bears.
First aid kit also for troublesome bears as well as gravity.
Scent eliminator for killing a hunters stench so I can get the big ones. :)
And the camping supplies for fast traveling to my tent.

Large Equipment
For large equipment I would use a tent and two treestands since treestands seem best suited for TGT.
Have had a lot of success with treestands using one of DD33's spots.

Like everyone's ideas so far. :D
(but still hope I win) :lol:

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