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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby CapnQuint » November 10th, 2017, 6:42 pm


I call this "The Timbergold Trails Low-Lands Loadout" By CapnQuint (CapnQuint in-game username)
This is my favorite loadout for hunting in the dense forest and grassy meadows in the lower areas of Timbergold. It is universal for all animals in the reserve and is perfect for hunting elk and deer.

Weapons include-
The 7.62x54R Bolt Action Rifle "Mosin Nagant" for it's great power and just the right level of zoom for the thicker forests.
The Compound Bow "Pulsar" for it's perfect balance of strength and stealth.
And finally the .454 Revolver "El Bisonte" with a 2x scope for when a bear "gets a little to close".

This loadout has every necessary caller for the reserve. For spotting targets is hosts the basic binoculars and range finder. It's large equipment includes a basic tree stand, tripod rest, and the Trapper Tent. This loadout wouldn't be complete without a loyal sent hound with his own pack so that you have a great companion to track wounded animals and carry extra ammunition and equipment. And last but not least the digital camera to capture the amazing beauty of Timbergold Trails.
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby SmellyVanDoodle » November 10th, 2017, 8:04 pm

My Whitehart Island loadout

Compound Bow "Pulsar"
6.5x55 Blaser R8 Bolt Action Rifle

others gear
Predator "Jackrabbit" Caller
Deer "Grunt" Call
Turkey Box Caller
Turkey Locator Caller
Elk "Bugle" Caller
Shockwave Electronic Caller
Turkey Decoy
Tripod Stand
2*deployable hunting tower (because everyone wants a bundle with these)
16x50mm Spotting Scope
7x42mm Rangefinder Binoculars
Blacktail Deer Urine Spray

SmellyVanDoodle in-game username
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Pretty_Boy » November 10th, 2017, 8:19 pm


Loadout name:
Logger's Point: Elite Camper

Weapons & Sights:
.270 Bolt Action Rifle - Grey Wolf
2-10x42 Rifle Scope - Black
.17 HMR Lever Action Rifle - Standard
3-9x40mm Anschütz Rifle Scope - Black
Compound Bow "Pulsar" - Black
5 Pin Compound Bow Sight - Black

The callers and carried items:
7x42mm Rangefinder Binoculars - Forest Green
16x50mm Spotting Scope - Black
Shooting Tripod Rest - Deluxe
Electronic Caller - Shockwave
Motion Predator Decoy - Rabbit
Predator "Jackrabbit" Caller
Deer "Grunt" Call - Carved Wood
Hog "Squeal" Caller
Scent Eliminator Mini - 10 Uses
Marker Flag - Black

3 types of large equipment:
Deployable Hunting Tower - Woodland Green
Two Person Tree Stand - Basic Camo
Happy Camper Tent - Forest Camo

Why just this loadout is my favourite:
First I must say it's a bit diff to choose just 1 loadout since there are 11 maps. I love to hunt the Bobcat, and it's on 4 maps. Together with the Bobcat, It's also very fun to hunt the Coyote since it's almost the same fast running. Theese 2 animals are both on Logger's Point and Whitehart Island. Logger's Point is a map with better view over longer distances, and in general an easier map to hunt on.

When I want to hunt theese 2 animals, the callers and carried items above is what I need to make the gameplay more fun. I will get that Bobcat, and I will get that Coyote, but it's not allways about getting the animal harwested quick and dirty, but more about how you want to get the job done more sweet. Having a treestand or tower makes your set and settings more nice, and the kill gets more enjoyable, if I can say that.

It's true that animals get spooked then they come too close to a deployable tower, but sometimes animals get spooked even if I sit in a treestand too. The key solution to reduse the possibility to have the Bobcat or Coyote to close, Is to put out the decoys 30-40 meters away from theese equipmets.

Logger's Point also have long flat distances, and sometimes high grass. If I see a Bobcat or Coyote far away, I wont see it if I lie down in the grass. Then it comes very handy to pull up the Shooting Tripod Rest to make the rifle more stable. Logger's Point also have a lot of great stones you actually can walk ontop and get just the view you need, and some stones are worth marking with a Flag.

Some other animals like Mule Deer, Whitetail Deer, Feral Hog, Cottontail Rabbit and Pheasant also walk around on this map, then It's very handy to have the Pulsar with it's sight to take them out scilently, you never know if it's a sweet Bobcat near by.

Well, this was my opinion, good luck everyone, and as allways, happy hunting :)

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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby » November 10th, 2017, 9:41 pm

Predator Pursuit (arctic fox, red fox, coyote, bobcat, and grey wolf)
1. .223 AR
2. .357 revolver
3. 12 gauge pump primal

1. 2-10x42mm camo rifle scope
2. 2-6x20 silver pistol scope
3. Slug scope

1. 1x jack-rabbit caller
2. 1x e-caller (bobcat caller)
3. 1x doubletail predator motion decoy
4. 1x rabbit predator motion decoy
(one of each motion decoy^)
5. elk calf caller
Give us ptarmigans on Whiterime Ridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Roll Tide!!
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Hunter22Outdoors » November 10th, 2017, 11:07 pm

Hello im new to the forums so im not sure if this will work but this is my "Whiterime Loadout" mainly for the southern part (Bison, Moose, Dalls

-340 Weatherby
-308. Carbon
- Camo Pulsar

-3-9x40 Silver Rifle Scope
-2-10x42 Black Rifle Scope
-5-Pin Compound Bow Sight

-Buck Grunt Call
-Moose Call
-Predator Jack-Rabbit Caller

Large Equipment
-Snow Camo Tripod Stand
-Snow Treestand
-Heated Tent

How i use the gear"
-340. Weatherby with the 3-9x40 scope- This is mainly the bison killer i try to save ammo but i get trigger happy :lol: :lol:
-308. Carbon with the 2-10x42 Scope- This is to save my Weatherby ammo on moose and for any Dall sheep i run into
-Pulsar Bow with the 5-pin Bow sight- This is to get close silent kills on anything if i get close enough

Hope you guys and girls like my Southern Whiterime Setup and happy Hunting :D :D
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby troutfisher2001 » November 10th, 2017, 11:52 pm
This is my Timbergold Trails loadout.
Weapons, I Have the .30 R o/u rifle for long shots. and the K98K rifle for whenever I was to use it really. And I have the Heavy Recurve and tracer arrows for when I want to be more silent and I really enjoy using the recurve, and the tracer arrows look awesome. Attractants, I have the grunt call, elk call and the mule deer scent spray. I also have binoculars to view animals at a distance, and the rangefinder to know when they are in range for a recurve shot and then there is the wind indicator so if I'm tracking one I can stay downwind from it and the med kits cause of rock banks and them bears. Large Equipment. I would have a Happy Camper orange tent at my favorite spot as well as a tree stand there, and a happy camper orange tent in the mountains for bighorns. And a tripod stand by the pond. Favorite spot marked with F pond marked with P
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Renguero » November 11th, 2017, 12:58 am


Hello everyone, this is my personal configuration for Whiterime Ridge called "Run and Shooting" since in this map it is not very necesary to be silent and furtive, and it is basically to go running around the map and shooting at all animals in range of shoot!

Armas: .45-70 Government Lever Action Rifle (Engraved)! Beautiful weapon to make it look in front of those bison, elk and polar bears so hard! The power and safety provided by the 45-70 is unique, that's why in the first place it's my main weapon!

- .30-06 Lever Action Rifle: Sitka deer, moose, dall sheep and polar bears are not rival for another fascinating leverage weapon like this one! The younger sister of the previous one, but with the same amount of shot precision!

- .357 Revolver: This revolver always equipment only for the odd fox, sitka deer or dall sheep at close range to avoid using the 30.06 and scare everything within reach!

-.22 Pistol: Almost the versatile .22 caliber pistol is a very useful companion at Whiterime Ridge! You always get to a point where you traveled a large part of the reserve, the tiny American hares appear, and it's a shame to leave them alive, and watch them run! For that purpose the weapon fulfills its function, then it is not necessary to lament!

- 3-9x40mm Anschütz Rifle Scope (black)
- 4-8x32mm Rifle Scope
- 2-6x20mm Handgun Scope (Silver)

The callers and carried items:

- 8x42mm Binoculars: Clean vision of the field, essential!
- 5x30mm Rangefinder: For the bullet drop of .22 and .357 the distance meter contributes its function!
- Deer "Grunt" Call
- Moose Caller
- Predator "Jackrabbit" Caller
- 1 First Aid Kit
- 1 Scent Eliminator

Large equipament:

- x2 Happy Camper Tent (Winter Camo)
- x1 Tree Stand (Winter Camo)

That would be my personal configuration for this reservation, I hope you like it! Regards! xXRengueroXx
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby MewKitty » November 11th, 2017, 2:23 am


By far my favourite Loadout:
8x57 IS Anschtz 1780 D FL bolt action rifle to take down any of the med - large game
The lovely Parker Python compound bow, silent enough to take down entire herds or any animal you encounter
.357 revolver - first lady the most useful and best looking pistol in the game in my personal opinion great for the fox if you see a nice one or dont want to risk spooking it waiting for it to get within bow range
and the .22 pistol Grasshopper if you encounter any of the bunnies on the map
Red deer caller
Predator Jackrabbit caller
roe deer caller
range finder binoculars
and the 16x50mm spotting scope to get spots on all animals you encounter, great to level up the spotting skill
red deer scent spray just in case you encounter a big herd or large red deer and you want that extra pulling power combined with the caller
Roe deer scent spray for the same reason

This also works to take down any of the higher mountain animals ibex and White-tailed Ptarmigan, i also chuck a few tents around the map if i run out of ammunition / want to change outfits or want to switch up my rifle
also LOVE the .300 carbon, K98K and my all time favourite rifle the .308 bolt action rifle - engraved (the recruit a friend rifle) i just dont use it as much as id like due to the .308 not having an achievement section but i do love using it
and i only recently acquired the 6.5x55 bolt action - panther but im loving it for ibex its my go to rifle for them currently and damn does it look good!

Also if anyone is interested in the pathing i use i have drawn out a map of my usual paths circling the tents / huts i generally start at (sorry its not colour coordinated i just wanted to do it in game real quick for reference with the loadout)
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby Thomen » November 11th, 2017, 2:54 am


Timbergold Trails and Red Feather Falls

45-70 Lever Action Gun for the big game and bears (plus I got a similar gun in RL, they are fun to shoot)

Blaser R8 for anything else

Shooting stick
First Aid
Camping Supplies
Wind Indicator
Wolf, Elk, Deer caller

Got 4 tents, 2 Hunting towers, 1 tripod stand, 1 tree stand, and blinds in that Reserve.
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Re: Share your favourite loadout!

Postby FranzyGaming » November 11th, 2017, 3:26 am

Hirschfelden “Honk Attack” Loadout
Weapons and Attachments

I like to carry the 12-gauge shotgun for when I decide to sit in my blind and hunt some geese. I keep a parker python bow with the rangefinder pin sight for when a deer or hog comes in close to the blind. If a pheasant or goose that is out of shotgun range I have my .22 pistol with the scope to pick off the stragglers. I like to keep at least 3x ammunition for all the weapons on me.
Carry-on Items

1x Pheasant Caller
1x Hog Squeal
1x Goose Long Range
1x Goose short range
1x Roe Deer Call
1x Red Deer Call
1x Deer Grunt (I Take Engraved)
1x Goose Flag
1x Camera
1x 16x50mm Spotting Scope
1x Happy Camper Tent
1x Hog Feeder
1x Ground Blind
1x dog treats
12x Goose Feeder
6x Goose Sentry
6x Goose Active
1x Goose flapping wing decoy

I like to keep a dog with me for when I can’t keep up with all the birds dropping. On my trusty dog, I keep her treats for when she is a good girl. I keep the goose flag for when I decide to hunt with friends that already have the long-range caller. I would keep a waterfowl blind on me along with goose decoys. Some other items I have placed on the reserve are hog feeders and a ground blind. I look to Hirschfelden for a hunt to include all different types of animal. Sometimes you see that animal that just catches your eye and you need to take a photo of before you shoot so I bring along my trusty camera. This will be my most used loadout as it can be universal on any map just change out the calls and the ammo for the shotgun.
Story Time

I have been hunting this land since I first got my membership for thehunter. I first started hunting for only pheasants in the open fields. I decided I want to spend the cash and start hunting those geese that keep flying over my head. I get the first two calls and just lay in the field trying to call some in. I got tired of watching flocks fly by and not come in. I buy my first 12 decoys to test it out, Finally geese started to come into the field but still many got away. I decided to next buy a waterfowl blind with the last set of decoys. Geese are coming in left and right. One day there was a slow down in birds flying over. As I sit there waiting I hear a red deer behind me. I start calling back to this buck, eventually, he came into view and I saw this huge Red deer. This thing is a trophy deer(I haven't seen one this size since that day) and I realize I cant shoot it! all I have on me is my shotgun with birdshot. I then decide I need to buy a weapon that can shoot any animal that comes in. Later on, I move my goose spot where they fly over more. I notice some land out of range of my shotgun so I decide to get out of the blind and try to get close, They fly away! I now bring all three weapons shown above for all different animals and ranges. That buck I saw that day must have been a once in a lifetime buck that I still regret not bringing the right caliber to today.

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