Design Your Dream Lodge!

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Re: Design Your Dream Lodge!

Postby Granti » October 31st, 2017, 8:56 pm

TheSheWolf wrote:ARE YOU READY.

I put little disclaimers so nobody ever mistakes them for real, not that they would. (Update, company name fixed >.>) But my dream lodge submission is done in the style of an "official release announcement," because let's face it, my dream lodge would be real! :lol: Without further ado... The nonexistent Trophy Lodge 2.0 Patch Release!

I had fun doing this, even if it took most of a day. Thanks for the opportunity! I hope to see some other creative submissions before time runs out :)

i really like the creativity and effort behind this.

i especially support the idea of one´s own trophy pics on the wall and the more variable full body mounts...
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Re: Design Your Dream Lodge!

Postby TheSheWolf » November 2nd, 2017, 5:04 am

Thanks guys! :)
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Re: Design Your Dream Lodge!

Postby JackRbbt » November 2nd, 2017, 5:44 am

Tanngnjostr wrote:You got my vote, TheSheWolf! :)

Mine too! :)

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Re: Design Your Dream Lodge!

Postby blendy » November 2nd, 2017, 1:08 pm

I put it in Spanish, because in English it was changing, for the translator

1) I see that there are few hollows for rifles - shotguns, arches and cross-bows and too much for pistols,
2) then it would be nice that the trophies - weapon might be placed by the mouse, (mas above, below, right or left), since one wants, to design his interior space,
3) the design of the walls, soils, wood with a palette of colors for the taste of the creator

1)yo veo que hay pocos huecos para rifles-escopetas , arcos y ballestas y demasiados para pistolas,
2)luego estaría bien que los trofeos-armas se podrían colocar con el ratón,(mas arriba, abajo, derecha o izquierda), como uno quiera, diseñar su espacio interior,
3) el diseño de las paredes, suelos, maderas con una paleta de colores para el gusto del creador,
My Englishman does not come to basic, to if that I use a translator/
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Re: Design Your Dream Lodge!

Postby CaptainGravy » November 2nd, 2017, 3:05 pm

My ideas for the perfect Lodge:

1. Ability to pickup and hold your weapons that are on the gun rack

I know this is kind of silly considering you are always holding it when you're hunting, but freelook only allows you to see so much. You'd just walk up to the weapon of my choice, click on it, and you'd be holding it where you could then rotate in your hands, flip it over, and just look at it up-close. This would be especially handy for Premium weapons, who doesn't want to take a look at their fancy Engraved weapon?

2. Trophy Shots in the lodge

Being able to hang these up around the lodge, or have a trophy shot scrap book, is a must have to complete the lodge. Sure the taxidermies look nice, but what about the photo of the environment it came from, and the amazing photo you took?
This would allow you to fill in some empty spaces on some of the shelves, and the wall.

3. Ability to step outside onto a porch or deck

Whenever I look through the glass through the classy, or rustic trophy lodges, I always want to take a look outside. Especially from the Rustic Lodge's point of view, as it is elevated off the ground. Imagine entering your lodge one early morning and then stepping out into nature, with an amazing view.

4. Something to break the extremely quiet surroundings

The extremely quiet surroundings are dominated by the ticking of the clock and the player's footsteps. Something to break the quiet would be very welcome, such as the ability to open the windows to get the breeze flowing through, or a fireplace you could light.

So those are my thoughts on making a perfect lodge.
Overall, I was very impressed with the gun racks, and styles. They really gave a boost to my not so impressive lodge.

Thanks for the additions!

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Re: Design Your Dream Lodge!

Postby Kolby » November 2nd, 2017, 6:59 pm

1. The ability to put just antlers or a skull onto the wall would be something I'd be very interested in as I do it in real life.

2. The ability to FLIP guns, you guys are killing my OCD with this lol.

3. A display case for collectibles, and trophies as well! Show off that 1st place 19th century red medal that your friends are sick of hearing you brag about, or that nice raven feather you picked up on Whiterime.

4. Furniture customization.

5. One for my buddy Caffeine... Being able to light the fireplace!

6. Free move on animals as well, I'd like to be able to line up the heads on the wall.

7. I love the idea for a "Natural Enviroment" mount, And adding to that I'd love to see dual mounts, for example:




8. A "Premium" Cabin! I wouldn't mind paying a little extra for a bigger cabin with more space.

9. The ability to display optics on firearms.

Overall LOVING the trophy lodge, and its made me get very much back into the game after being away for a few years. Gives me a goal, to fill up those lodges with trophy animals. Thanks guys!
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Re: Design Your Dream Lodge!

Postby askrobert1234 » November 2nd, 2017, 11:42 pm

Username: LandShark777

1.) I would like to see a room specifically for small game, or for displaying of trophies earned in competitions. You would access this via the main lodge room, probably from about 4' away from the back right corner (when facing away from the fireplace; which feels pretty empty even with a bear or bows on display back there).

- Position of door (facing away from it)

- Position of door (facing towards, on left.)

- The room can be very small, and just have a shelf for competition trophies and/or collectibles on the wall, this may be TOO small - but just a placeholder example.

2.) Additionally, (and I know this would probably be pretty hard to implement); some means to get out on the deck of the lodge (either by the left or right doors near the fireplace). We already have a beautiful deck model and even some terrain out there - but no way to just sit out on our deck and enjoy the beauty.

- Quick markup of deck, just because.

3.) Just like @TheSheWolf suggested: a working fireplace. I would be content with the lodge remaining just the way it is, if this feature was implemented. The aesthetic change of having sitting by the fireside inside your own personal log cabin, and listening to it crackle as you sip your morning coffee - would just be the perfect change. The fireplace (aside from the full-body mount) is the centerpiece for your lodge... and having a dead fire with steam coming off of it just doesn't have that "WOW"
factor of what this lodge feels like otherwise.

4.) Rotating weapons on the walls! - Please. I suffer from OCD and this is going to give me a panic attack. LOL.

- I know this would be more problematic with some weapon slots (namely the ones below and beside the clock on the rustic lodge)... - However, ones that aren't meant to be displayed below a trophy just seem out of place and cluttered. Some of my weapon slots stay empty because they just stick out like a sore thumb; however, if I were able to rotate them 90 degrees counter clockwise so they were mounted on their side, it would look extraordinary.

5.) Floor decor! Expansive Worlds could make some good money with this one, I think.

- Bearskin rugs, polar bear fur rugs, etc. would be a welcome addition to my lodge. My dream lodge would be to have a big bearskin rug right at the foot of my fireplace, and have a monster moose hanging overhead. - Everything else being already possible, but this would just be the icing on the cake! Things like buffalo hide rugs (if you've ever been to a Northern California Native American reservation) or Black, brown, grizzly, and polar bear skin rugs would probably be harder to obtain, or more expensive... but would be appreciated by many, I think.

6.) Program a check for current weather respective to the player's lodge position, and implement some sounds to break the silence in the lodge?

- One thing that really makes me anxiety disorder go off is the deafening quiet that is the interior of the lodge. All we really have is the "tick, tock, tick, tock" of the clock, and that is pretty much it. If we had the sound of wind blowing past the windows, rain hitting the roof/windows of our lodge, etc... - It would add a level of immersion that we only see with modern AAA games, and help tremendously. (or, I don't know, Call of the Wild!) :D --- One of my favorite things about the new game is sitting inside my tent, listening to the wind hit against it and the water roll off the top.

I'll probably be coming through and posting some revisions on this later - but I have to go for a few hours! I wish my video would have rendered, but it's acting a little funny. Some 3D Architectural photos will have to do for now! :)

Alas, TheSheWolf has my vote! Fits everything I want to see in this game to a T - and then some!
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Re: Design Your Dream Lodge!

Postby darton3700 » November 3rd, 2017, 12:19 am

1) My dream lodge would be like an Alaskan hunting lodge where there are bear fur rugs hanging on the wall.
2) having the ability to put trophy shots next to the animals that you have harvested or anywhere in the lodge and having a plaque blow the animals with the score of the animal on them.
3) being able the put the horns you find on the mantel if there singles and if there doubles being able to have them mounted.
4) Having an old cast iron stove in the middle of the room with a pipe going out through the roof.
5) Having the ability to hang a skull mount above the outside door would give it the most realistic touch.
6) Having a set of antlers hanging on the wall with some of the hunting camo on the horns to the right of the door when you enter.
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Re: Design Your Dream Lodge!

Postby TreeKiwi » November 3rd, 2017, 5:29 am

Hey guys and girls!

Wow there are so many awesome suggestions coming through!

Just a reminder that today is the last day to get your ideas in and the winners will be selected on Monday. Entries must be in by 23:59 CET 3rd November 2017

So keep them coming and have a great weekend :)

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Re: Design Your Dream Lodge!

Postby AngelOne63 » November 3rd, 2017, 6:09 am

Hi everyone, still congratulations to the Halloween event, I'd like to put the Mannaro or others trophy in the lodge, as well as the small goat goat trophy and the ability to put two small animals on a medium deck. Thanks and continue this way (sorry for my English).....Image....Image...Image

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