Thursday Live Stream and contest

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Thursday Live Stream and contest

Postby alborith » December 21st, 2017, 12:39 pm

Thursdays at 8pm est I am running a livestream contest @

Contest rules

-First seven people to join me in my multiplayer game will get to compete.
-game name and password will be given out at the beginning of the stream.
-Each week I will pick a species to hunt from the free species of that week.
-No equipment restrictions so if you have it you can bring it but it has to be a legal kill
-the person with the highest score for the animal chosen wins a $20 steam gift code
-the hunt will last until 10pm est
-Discord server info will be sent via pm thru twitch to those who get in the game so if possible please join in the voice chat, it makes things more fun and easier for me :P (keep your language clean, its a family show)

-If I beat everyone, the prize rolls over to the next week and another $20 steam gift code will be added and the top 2 scoring animals of the selected species each win a $20 steam gift code.

In case of multiple rollovers in additional weeks. the prize distribution will be as follows

1 gift code = top scoring animal win $20 steam gift code
2 gift codes = top 2 scoring animals win $20 steam gift code
3 gift codes = top 3 scoring animals win a steam gift code
4 gift codes = top 2 scoring animals each win 2 gift codes

This contest is just for fun and everyone participating is expected to be courteous or will be banned from the game without any prizes awarded to them.

** tonight's contest we will be hunting feral goat with 2 gift codes up for grabs!

I will be away for the Holidays and after tonight's contest, then next one will be January 11th

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