Mission names

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Mission names

Postby Dr_ViEr » May 6th, 2022, 1:45 am

AveryW88 wrote: :arrow: Missions and Packs now appear in alphabetical order within each section.

Great update, but in German some mission names start with "mission" and therefore will be set to "M"-position independent of the scope of the missions.

To bring them in the correct places, they would need to be renamed into:

- Europäische Kaninchen-Missionen
- Eurasische Luchs-Missionen
- Traditionelle Bögen-Missionen
- Verwilderte Schweine-Missionen
- Verwilderte Ziegen-Missionen

Some of these names sound a little bit strange, which probably was the reason to name the missions as they are right now.
Maybe there is another way to bring them in the correct place without changing the name.

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