Waterfowl Blind Placement Problems in Tutorial 4 - Calling Down Mallards

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Waterfowl Blind Placement Problems in Tutorial 4 - Calling Down Mallards

Postby Sal_Monella » June 26th, 2018, 11:26 am

I decided to try Tutorial 4 - Calling Down Mallards but have had difficulties placing the waterfowl blind, and consequently been unable to progress through the tutorial. I can successfully place the decoy, move to the indicated waterfowl blind location, and place the blind, but apparently not in the correct location. After my first failed attempt, I have tried to place the blind in a number of positions, including as close as possible to the arrow, i.e. right on top of it.


However, as soon as I place the blind, I receive a scolding from Doc: "What are you up to now? Put the ground blind back up near the arrow using left mouse button.", but it then equips my Huntermate, leaving me unable to interact with the blind.


I cannot interact with the blind in any way or move across the ground (walk or run - I can no longer even switch between the two with the C key at this point), although I can rotate my view about my position with the mouse. The left mouse button does not let me pick up the blind. I can "holster" the Huntermate with the H key but other than that and looking around from my fixed position, I cannot progress the tutorial and must quit the game.

Note: I am not currently a member.

Other minor observations:
There is no possibility of entering the blind with the E key, presumably because the tutorial believes that it has not been correctly placed.
The X key Freelook Toggle function, the left CTRL key Lower Stance (Sneak/Crouch) function, and the Inventory Item selection keys 1 through 0 do not work at all during the tutorial, other than the 6 key and the 0 key at their respective prompts.

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