No Steam Achievement For Magpie Goose

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No Steam Achievement For Magpie Goose

Postby JimboCrow » April 30th, 2018, 7:28 am

I have harvested over 1000 and still have not received the Steam achievement for Magpie geese, which should have occurred at 250. Also, when I received the 1000 geese achievement through the game it was for Reverse Crossbow (Camo) not Magpie geese, although the icon was correct.

EDIT: First of all, I was wrong about when I should receive the Steam Magpie Goose Achievment, it is at 1000 geese not 250. Secondly, today when I started a game I immediately received the Steam Achievement correctly. So this bug has now been solved. Thank you EW.

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