[Shop] Item-Pictures reversed

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[Shop] Item-Pictures reversed

Postby Nexis981 » January 14th, 2018, 3:17 pm

The Pictures or Camouflages of this two Bagpacks seems to be reversed in the Shop:
https://www.thehunter.com/#store/item/747 Arctic-Winter Bagpack
https://www.thehunter.com/#store/item/752 Winter-Forest Bagpack

Here the Comparisons:

The Arctic-Winter Bagpack-Camo looks more like the Winter-Forest Clothes-Camo.

The Winter-Forest Bagpack-Camo looks more like the Arctic-Winter Clothes-Camo.

So either the Description is reversed or the Pictures are reversed.
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Re: [Shop] Item-Pictures reversed

Postby MartinSundberg » January 15th, 2018, 4:51 am

Thanks for reporting, I've asked our designers to take a look at this. :)

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