Miscellaneous Bugs - INDEX

This forum is for reporting bugs or glitches found on the website, forum, competitions and missions. Please use the reported issue in the topic title with description, titles with only "found a bug", "bug" and alike will be deleted.
Example title: Website typo
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Miscellaneous Bugs - INDEX

Postby TundraPuppy » March 4th, 2014, 3:09 pm

Note: Due to the server software upgrading, a number of website related bugs have cropped up. Initially, these bugs are not going to be added to the index as the team is squashing these relatively quickly. After two or three weeks, any outstanding bugs will then be collected and added to the index. Please keep reporting bugs here in the meantime!

Bugs that are (probably) related to the server move have been marked with a % ahead of them in the main Miscellaneous Bugs forum.

Thank you for helping us squash bugs!

Non-categorized Issues
Eyefinity 3 and huntermate tracking issues (1114) - Link
Cannot change graphics settings from launcher - Link
Trophy Integrity Irregularities - Link

Player Issues
Shaky player animations - Link
Missing Hands when not wearing gloves (2408) - Link
Player movement speed behaving erratically - Link

Connection/Disconnection Issues
Animal harvests disconnecting during competitions - Link
Reconnection Issues - Link
Game crashes when fast travelling - Link

Mission and Tutorial Issues
Mallard Tutorial - restart bugs and instructions - Link
Mallard Tutorial - deep water - Link
Nosler mission bugs - Link
Able to complete missions using other players - Link
Mission/Competition description errors with shooting position - Link
Some missions without specified weapons can be completed unethically - Link

Competition Issues
Difficulty joining competitions - Link
Incorrect competition in-game announcements - Link

In-game General Issues
Tracks spawn inside geometry - Link

In-game User Interface Issues
Missing mouse cursor in UI screens - Link
Repeated Mallard 1000 achievement notifications - Link
Display errors on 21:9 monitors - Link
Black screen when harvesting/alt-tabbing - Link
Slow access to in-game inventory/map screens - Link
Inventory crash with error code 16005 - Link
Inventory access problems - Link

Website Issues
Animal score sometimes counts as multiplied by two - Link
Coyote neck bones not displaying on webpage - Link
Cannot change country, time zone, or language on webpage - Link
Game Passwords cannot use extended ASCII - Link
Online status not updating on website - Link
Incorrect mission completion totals - Link
Uncompleted Holiday/Event based missions still display after end of event - Link
Multiplay password icon not showing - Link
Selecting 950x950 thumbnail size picture not working - Link
Cannot upload avatar photos - Link
Trophy shot upload issues - Link
gm$ purchase discount is not correctly applied - Link

Localization/Spelling Issues
Webpage trophy displaying non-localized strings - Link
Finnish Localization for Mission Reset incorrect - Link
Huntermate spelled incorrectly on Leaderboard>Lane Bandit page - Link

Membership Issues
Missing inventory items after purchasing membership - Link

Achievements on userpage Issues
Lifetime kill counts not matching achievement counts - Link
Achievements counting when harvesting another player's kills - Link
Able to gain achievements when harvesting other player's kills - Link

Collectible weights not adding up correctly - Link

(####) - verified & entered in the official bug tracking system

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