Trophy photo unbind from trophy animal

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Trophy photo unbind from trophy animal

Postby _dfad_ » January 9th, 2019, 1:01 am

Bug Report
Game Mode: After-game (was SP)

When I check trophy page after game session, it is displayed without trophy photo, though one was done. In the same tame, gallery has this trophy photo, but it is 'orphaned', not bind to any animal.

I shot a trophy-size Moose (indeed, Leaderboard-size one) and took trophy photo in regular way. It was not first and not last animal in game session (in other words, I continued to play for 15-20 min after that).

Now I check the trophy page at ... /633327729, and it says 'No trophy shot'.


In the same time I see this trophy shot in my gallery, but it has no animal specie and no score:


Steps to Reproduce:
No repro scenario is known yet

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