Magpie Goose - Flocks with no Sound

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Magpie Goose - Flocks with no Sound

Postby JimboCrow » April 29th, 2018, 8:55 am

Bug Report

Game Mode: SP is all I have tried

Hunter Name: JimboCrow

Description: Once in a while there is a Magpie Goose flock that approaches without sound. It is absolutely silent. If I am not watching carefully all the time the silent flock can approach, break off, and land in my decoy area without any sound whatsoever except for the splashes of landing in the water.

But I recently inadvertently found that SOMETIMES if I hit the <ESC> key when they are right above me, and jump out of the game, and then hit it again to jump back in, the sound returns to the flock and remains with them until they exit.

Steps to Reproduce: There is no specific way to know when the flock will come, but it is always a large flock, and always approaches directly from the north heading straight south. The flock is usually about medium high in the sky (some are higher, some lower on approach) and I can nearly always get geese to break from it, usually without additional calling or luring.

Additional Information: I have the full spread bundle. My blind is placed at X: 6515 Y: 8071. It happens at least once per in-game hour. (i.e. 4 times in a 2 hour real-time hunt.)

My Computer Intel platform enthusiast build, Windows 10 latest rev, Realtek onboard sound chip, Logitech G633 Headphones

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