Retriever Duck Ragdoll Problem

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Retriever Duck Ragdoll Problem

Postby TheSheWolf » November 19th, 2017, 11:57 pm

Bug Report
Game Mode: SP, probably also MP if dogs ever appear there

When a Retriever is retrieving ducks, sometimes the duck will flash/spaz all around the retriever's head. When the duck is dropped, it then either shoots off into the distance (sometimes 100+ meters away), or flashes, appearing and reappearing rapidly all over the ground as if searching for a suitable 'drop' location (VERY rapidly, barely flashing) before vanishing into the distance.

Steps to Reproduce:
Take a retriever out, my experience is in shallow water, and have it retrieve some ducks. I had it happen to four ducks over two hunts. The first hunt was two ducks out of 46 (one could not be found).

Additional Information:
I've had one vanish completely, and the others were dropped about 100 meters in random directions.This bug was reported once here: over two years ago, and never responded to or addressed, possibly because the "Dog" bugs category isn't generally watched (for some reason it's, rather inconsistently, in Kennel rather than Bugs). See below a duck found about 100m from my blind, after it was brought directly to the blind by the dog:


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Platform/OS/Version: PC's built out of all sorts of bits and pieces, AMD, Windows 10 64.
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Re: Retriever Duck Ragdoll Problem

Postby MartinSundberg » November 22nd, 2017, 4:48 am

Hello TheSheWolf
I'll do some testing later today in both SP and MP. As you said, it sounds like a rather inconsistent bug and the information about shallow water might help. If you find any more information that would be greatly appreciated, just to narrow down the cause of this :).
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Re: Retriever Duck Ragdoll Problem

Postby LEFLOR » November 22nd, 2017, 5:21 am

It's a bug that happens quite often, mostly on mallard but occasionally on other species of ducks (rarely), take it in SP and MP games.
I found a trick: to watch the dog when he bring back the duck, when the dome starts to flash: to run straight on the dog by clicking left several times on huntermate we manage to take the duck "in flight" before it do not know where on the map ... Solution that works in 95% of cases and most of the time the bug does not come back in the same hunt.
This bug appear for me on my 2 plateforms : gaming laptop and gaming desktop all with windows 10 64 bits (1 pro, 1 family).
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Re: Retriever Duck Ragdoll Problem

Postby Columbo » November 22nd, 2017, 4:49 pm

I´ve had the same problem a couple of times since I got my retriever on the latest sale (around Halloween). To me it has happened while hosting mp games, I`ve been playing solo though on every situation. I´ve managed to find all ragdolls, they didn´t fly that far.

Here´s a short clip of two incidents. Sorry about the picture quality, as I´m having some troubles recording on native resolution with my screen capture program. But you´ll get to see the situation anyways, with less eye candy :)

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Re: Retriever Duck Ragdoll Problem

Postby Makaan » November 28th, 2017, 4:09 am

This problem I met ALWAYS when duck hunting (with retriver) - usually 3-5/30 mallards try to escape after death.
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Re: Retriever Duck Ragdoll Problem

Postby Hosenfuhrer » August 2nd, 2018, 12:33 pm

With the latest change to dog behavior and how the dog brings it into the blind helps harvesting it now. However, the model still spazzes out when released and since it has collision to the player it can actually physically shove you out of the blind while the game still thinks you are in the blind. Movement is not restricted and I can use the normal button to exit the blind.

Also forgot to mention that I have a hunch why this happens: I noticed that when using the fetch command the dog picks a duck to fetch and goes there directly, however, if the duck is moved by the current of the water the dog does not correct his direction to where the duck is but it continues where the duck was when the command was given. When the dog get's there, the duck will then transfer itself into the dogs mouth, and starts to spazz out. It might be a conflict in the movement vectors of the duck when picked up and the movement vectors of the dog that makes the physics confused.
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Re: Retriever Duck Ragdoll Problem

Postby Kinarr » August 2nd, 2018, 4:48 pm

My fix for this problem is to have the dog enter a blind, which came with the last update, and then the bird is dropped on the ground in the blind and easily harvested.
The flashing duck problem, which is common, seems to me related to the "floating duck" problem, which happens when shot at the same time by two hunters.


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