Unable to harvest dead animal [2898]

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Unable to harvest dead animal [2898]

Postby Paul_Goselaar » June 14th, 2014, 10:42 pm

I thought this bug was gone. Today, on Whitehart island I did the last coyote mission, the one which involved the stones, of the north island. I spawn near tent, which was inside the sanctuar, I heard steps not faraway, I sneak to my near treestand, I had a clean shot at the "big dog" male, he died on spot (a lucky shot in the heart) and then I picked up another coyote, a female 15-20kg, I shot another arrow but I just wounded it. I climbed down and I start tracking it. When I found it and it was dead, I couldn't claim my kill (body on the floor). I noticed that the usual final blood spot is missing near the body, maybe that would help. Please solve this bug for good. If that coyote would've been a 20-30Kg one, I would've had a rage (I'm very near from the first place in a coyote competition.)
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Re: Unable to harvest dead animal [2898]

Postby TheSpecter » July 19th, 2014, 9:31 pm

Had the same problem today, funnily enough during the same mission. Shot a female coyote and tracked it from the Awi' Usdi Stones down to the road where I found it laying at the edge of the road, apparently dead. However, the HunterMate did not let me claim the trophy - nothing happened when I pressed the mouse button. The animal was marked as dead with a cone, the "track available" icon appeared in the top left corner when I approached it and the avatar's thumb moved when I clicked, but the trophy wasn't claimed.

I thought that the animal might still be alive and the cone just marking a final blood track, so I fired another arrow at the coyote. It got stuck in its body and created a bloodstain on the ground, but no further reaction whatsoever. Tried this twice, but to no avail, then killed another animal and claimed it (which worked flawlessly). Still wasn't able to claim the dead coyote, though.

After ending the hunt, I got the expected message from Doc about the animal I winged but didn't harvest. The two arrows I fired at the apparently dead coyote were counted as hits, so it seems to me like the program messed up the animal's internal status, showing it to be dead but somehow didn't recognize it as dead when it came to harvesting the trophy or firing further shots at it.

Hope this bug can be fixed soon, as it is very annoying. Just imagine that coyote would've been a potentially competition-winning large male... :(

Never had this bug before, neither with other animals than a coyote nor with a coyote in a different place, so maybe it's limited to coyotes. Perhaps Paul could elaborate further where exactly his dead coyote was lying (e. g. at a roadside, too or in other terrain), so a pattern behind this bug could possibly be identified.
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Re: Unable to harvest dead animal [2898]

Postby SPorter » July 20th, 2014, 5:09 pm

this just happened to me too. however mine was on loggers point and is a whitetail buck. i tried and tried to harvest but it just sits there. i tried shooting again in case was alive even though it said lung heart shot and collapsed immediately upon shooting tried circling and left clicking hoping to catch it somehow, searched forums, tried clearing game cache, took pictures with camera, so anyway after about a half hour trying i thought id check my profile to see history and luckily it does show it there so im guessing i collected it but it just didnt show me the result page and pic option like usual and it still shows it sitting there on the ground but i gave up and now am moving on since it appears to show i got it, so maybe you guys should check your history to see if you got credit for it at least. you can check the map button to show where you got it to see if its the right one. just check statistics tab on profile . click the kill you think is it, if its there, then there is a map button which shows you where you got it. i just alt+tab to launcher screen click the x to close first window then i check my profile, then clik hunter taskbar icon to go back to game, on my profile it shows ongoing hunt for last hunt. not a fix but you can at least see if you got credit for it and if doesnt harvest you can move on. likely you, TheSpector, got credit since you didnt get non harvest message. and Paul can check to see for his rating. hope this helps some
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Re: Unable to harvest dead animal [2898]

Postby tbug » July 22nd, 2014, 4:34 pm

Same thing happened to me on the same mission. Killed the big dog then decided to get some females. Setup tree stand and called them. Killed 3 females on the spot. Harvested 2 but could not harvest the 3rd.
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Dead Mule Deer cannot harvest

Postby HarkonneN » August 2nd, 2014, 1:29 pm

I just shoot a 6pt. Mule Deer buck with my crossbow in multiplayer game in Loggers Point. The buck starts to run and one other player shoot him too and kill him.
The player (I forgot his name) came to the animal first, and try to harvest and his name was writed below. But the buck do not disappear and the most strange
think is that he had 2 arrows in his body. How is that possible - I shoot only 1 arrow.. Finaly I close the game and just received a angry letter from Doc :D
When I try to harvest the animal - nothing happens. The HunterMate just shows me that the animal is still fleeting, but I was on his corpse...
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Re: Unable to harvest dead animal [2898]

Postby kaylesk » August 3rd, 2014, 7:16 am

Logger's Point - Mule Deer

Started a late day hunt, it then rolled over to early morning as I picked a lodge to start from. After a couple of harvests that morning I too found an animal I could not harvest. Mule buck, 95-135kg, body shot it, tracked and finished with one more. Dropped it and couldn't harvest. The huntermate would light up correctly, but when clicked it would do nothing, no sound like it usually does when harvesting, tracking, or clicking with no target. Noticing another track for a 95-135kg buck I ventured on. Body shot, tracked, found dead and again... could not harvest. Same reaction from the Huntermate.

Reading up a bit I tried running so the dead deer were far off screen in hopes that when they reloaded it might cause a change. I ran back to my first none harvest, it seemed to have slide down the slope it was on a little further, but again, I could not harvest. Hearing a doe call nearby, I figured I'd try to trouble shoot a little and see if I would be able to harvest her. Called her in, good shot, heart/lung, and bang... got the harvest. So hoping this may have 'unlocked' my huntermate I tried again on the first deer, but nothing. Back out to the second and again nothing. At least I had a buck call after that and still got a decent 120kg to add to my competition score.

Considering the one deer was in a slightly different position after leaving and coming back, and then having two deer harvest just fine after two did not, I wonder if my client went out of sync with the server and caused the issue; perhaps causing it to lag out their actual position sever side vs. client side. And after the few minutes between the last non-harvest and being able to harvest again things may have synced up again.

This happened to me once before a few weeks ago. Hope this helps, would love a fix :)
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Re: Unable to harvest dead animal [2898]

Postby Blind Mole » August 3rd, 2014, 3:55 pm

if im respawning at multiple day hunt next morning (5.00am) - animals stopping harvest almost immediately
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Re: Unable to harvest dead animal [2898]

Postby SvennR » August 16th, 2014, 7:17 pm

I just finished this hunt:
http://www.thehunter.com/#profile/svenn ... n/37625268

A couple 5-6 gametime hours into the second day Black Bears could suddenly not be harvested. Killed two Black Bears and both had the same problem. Tried killing a few Moose, and experienced no problems harvesting these.

On both Bears the huntermate showed the "track" symbol and beeped once I got near the body.
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Re: Unable to harvest dead animal [2898]

Postby Hawkeye » September 30th, 2014, 9:20 pm

Got a video of the bug. This was on day 2 of a multi-day hunt, but I was able to take & harvest 4 animals before the bug. After fast-traveling, I took this reindeer, which failed to register.

Harvest Bug
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Re: Unable to harvest dead animal [2898]

Postby DerrickDude » October 10th, 2014, 9:14 am

Okay, last time I tried posting to this thread it was considered off topic. Although i still have no idea why.

Hosted a map for VDB most of yesterday(10-09-14.) Everything was fine on the first day of the hunt as usual. Most players left after the start of the new day. I continued to hunt.

I successfully shot and harvested two brown bears without any tracking with HunterMate. The third bear I shot took two shots to kill and I decided to track him with the HunterMate for the skill progress. As I was approaching the third bear to harvest, a fourth bear jumped out of nowhere within 40 meters of me and I ended up shooting her before she mauled me. She turned and ran up the river. I then went to harvest the third bear and it wouldn't harvest. I decided to track the fourth bear and harvest it. When I got to the bear, it was up on a steep hill with it's head buried in the hillside. I was able to get to it but I couldn't harvest this one either. Huntermate acted normally until left clicking to confirm kill on both bears.

Info on kills:
Brown Bear (#3) final spot:
X: 4517
Died within 40 meters of original shot impact. Killed with 2 shots from .300 bolt action rifle.

Brown Bear (#4) final spot:
Died about 100 meters from original shot impact. Killed with 1 shot from .300 bolt action rifle.
Both bears above were initially shot within 40 meters of each other

I had two more harvests after these (a Roe doe and another brown bear) that harvested normally.

There was also 3 other players who came into the game AFTER the map rolled to the new day that were unable to harvest animals.

Player #1 had no previous harvest before he got a Roe Deer Doe.
Killed with one shot on the spot with a .300 bolt action rifle. (used HunterMate to track initially)

Player #2 had two previous harvest-able kills before he shot a Red Deer Stag.
Killed with one shot on the spot with a 7mm Bullpup rifle. (Used HunterMate to track Initially)

Player #3 had the following results:
Red Stag (First animal killed and unable to harvest):
Killed with one shot on the spot with .308 Anschutz Rifle (Used HunterMate to track post kill for skill)

Red Deer Cow
Killed and successfully harvested with one shot from .308 Anschutz rifle. (used Huntermate to track kill)

Red Deer Stag (Unable to harvest)
Killed with one shot on the spot with .308 Anschutz rifle. (No HunterMate use)

All other players other than me came in AFTER the map rolled to the second day. I had the first unharvestable animal approximately 2.0 hours (game time) into the new day. All others were shortly after that. There were a few other players who did not have any problems, but then i don't think they got any kills.

At firs glance tthe common denominator is the use of the HunterMate, but Player #3 had the one Red cow he was able to harvest while using it. If this happens again, I will take the forethought to get the coordinates of the initial hit points as maybe this may provide a clue (this came to me as an afterthought after closing the map.)

Hopefully this info helps some. :?


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