!Duck Problems

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!Duck Problems

Postby ehr_LeafyCargo » January 1st, 2014, 12:50 am


: Breaking problems
Ducks don't seem to break for guest unless I'm with them in the blind or close enough to the blind they are in ..We have done many test on them and its always the same results ..I can just lay in any of the 5 blinds I have and ducks will land on there own .Guest have a hard time even getting them in calling why laying down .We have switched around to each others blinds and same results

Players go into single player mode and have non of these issues only in multiplayer

: Cant see ducks

Ducks come in and I can see large flocks of ducks and guest may only see 3 or 4 or sometimes or none this is not always the case but sometimes

Players go into single player mode and have non of these issues only in multiplayer

:Claiming Ducks or disappearing, bouncing, staying stuck in air

I have lost at least 10 ducks because I have not been able to claim them guest have also had this issue or they sink into the water out of site .
Bouncing ducks hit the ground only to bounce 20 meters away.
Ducks stay in air after you shoot them I have not had this problem but guest have.

:Sound Problems

I hear ducks calling but sometimes guest do not hear them

Callers staying stuck on short and long player that has it stuck on does not hear it but player beside him does

:Server Setup on 40megs down 5megs up speed
Intel i7-3770, 3.40 GHz 16GB of Ram 2 video cards
:5 duck blinds
:78 decoys
:1 pig bait station
:1 bear bait station
:3 tents
:2 tree stands
:2 tripods stands

I have three different maps set up all to the max for stuff.. I tried this game when it was single player way back as you see by my name didn't like single player and still don't really play it or wish to enter any competitions with the cheats that are out for it in single player and only reason I have returned is because of multiplayer so please look into these issues
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Re: !Duck Problems

Postby Tod1d » March 3rd, 2014, 6:54 pm

These are all duplicate bugs and have been previously reported.

If someone has detailed additional information that could help developers reproduce the bug & isolate it's cause, please post in the appropriate topic for that specific bug.

For Duck issues, please search the Multi-player Bugs forum as well, since many of the Duck problems seem to be isolated to Multi-Player.

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