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Re: WRR - Crash issues

Posted: April 12th, 2018, 9:41 am
by Beano8U
I have only had 2 DX crashes before the memory update. Before then I have had those (DX, plus numerous sound issues) I cant say for sure, but would place money on that they were after a call from a Sitka deer. I doubt very much that it is a visual thing on my end. I can't say that I heard the call as the bug usually results in loud noises if it doesn't crash. It tends to happen only when I go for Sitka (aiming to hunt in certain areas for them)

Re: WRR - Crash issues

Posted: April 12th, 2018, 7:44 pm
by gas56
17Hmr Rifle
9.3x74R rifle
Started game in Central map at tent.
20minutes playing time than game crash.
Picked up 3 Sitka antler collectables.
Shot 3 snowshoe rabbits with the .17 HMR rifle.
Heard a male Dall Sheep, and the Hunter-Mate identified it as male,.. but no circle was present on the Hunter-Mate to reveal it's position.
A minute later after continuing the hunt I Saw a Dall Sheep male fleeing away from me on the ravine floor, aimed and fired the 9.3x74R and the bullet hit it and at the same time the game crashed, then brought up the game crash error page. Closed it then the Stats page was there.
checked stats page out then closed it.

Re: WRR - Crash issues

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 4:10 am
by Pretty_Boy
The story is for WRR single player, fresh install of Win 10 64bit, fresh install of game, fresh install of DirectX June 2010, and the Microsoft Visual C++.
I'we tested with and without SLI, 2x1080 nvidia and latest driver, max settings @ 3440x1440.

At this place where I am, and walking NW, it crashes almost all the time. Sometimes the game crashes before I even spawn on the tent.
Walking in this area in front of me, has made it crash 10 of 11 times.

While I'm here I see some strange things happening. When I shoot on animals, they are not where they say the are, meaning that hitbox and animal box dont have the same coordinates.
The spotting tracks and vegetation grass are too much up in air around.

The animals are walking in air, maybe not so good to see, but here its flat:

Taking a tropy shot looks strang too, Im in mid air as well. When moving the trophy shot camera around, I feel I cant get the camera enough down in Z direction:

Equipments have been translated sideways in the x and y direction, in z direction I'm unsure, here is a tripod.

And here is a tower.

Some thoughts:
For the tripod and tower above, Im almost sure it's not possible to put it down and make it look like this on the other maps.
When I shoot on animals, I do not hit the animal where I aim, according to the harwest info, but it depends in which direction I shoot, N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, or NE, the Z coordinate I'm usure.
I would guess something with the cordinate system or toleranses has been changed from the original map. If the map is assembled by superelements, it can be trouble to render it, if the game engines compability requirements are not satisfied.
The game has crashes sometimes while I: walk normaly, spot animals, and shoot animals.
Once, I was sitting in the tripod shown above, and shot a fox. I heard the fire from my shotgun, but the sound was not finished before the game crashed.

There is a "safespot" without crashes for me, on the big mountain top, between where I am now and the NW lodge.
Its no vegetation, animals or equipments there.
If someone with crash problems has a clean map without any equipments. Try this please:
Put a tent on that mountain top, and go for a hunt in the area between the tower above and where I'm standing.
If this still makes crashes, we can at least assume it's nothing to do with the equipments.

Hope this can be to help :)

Happy Hunting :)

Re: WRR - Crash issues

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 5:30 pm
by gas56
It seems that most of the crashes I've had are at around where you noted.
With the obvious many different things that happen when the game crashes it's hard to pin-point
what is doing it, such as sounds: animal, equipment, ambient. But I've also thought it may be something
we aren't seeing or hearing, which are coordinates of processing where things are at within this area.
I've had the HM lose locating spots where animals call from, and I've lost animals where I couldn't pick them up like Male Dall Sheep, that didn't effect females from getting harvested.
I've noticed the strange positions of direction especially when setting up equipment like tents which I normally hunt for everything here except for Moose & Buffalo.
The Strange thing is when I do crash it is in around this area, but there have been a couple times when I crashed all the way out by Tatanka Hot Springs lake,.. when starting a hunt at the
southern lodge and usually can make it to the eastern center of the map before I do crash. When I am hunting Buffalo & Moose on the west side of the map I can't recall crashing.
It's usually a dividing line on the valley floor on the East side that I am safe from crashing. But that doesn't mean it can't happen,.. I just don't remember it ever happening.
Below is a map that I broke down in circles of different color where the each area is represented where I crash, ... and right now it is usually at the Orange spot by 0 & 4.
There is something that makes my game crash in this area,. but for right now it sure isn't an explicit act when it happens.

Re: WRR - Crash issues

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 10:27 pm
by Nathan112244
This is where i hunt have have the most and least issues,
#1- Is what people call "the bison area" and this area is perfectly fine for me, hasn't cause problems yet
#2- Is where i've crashed 3 times in less then 24 hrs and the reason i haven't hunted on whiterime


Re: WRR - Crash issues

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 11:04 pm
by hbshannonw
Yes I was just playing in single player mode. I started at 5 am and it crashed around 10:30 or so. I was in the area of the big waterfalls and I was aiming at a Sika Buck and fired with the 243 from about 20 meters away. As I heard the sound of the shot the game crashed. I had hunted WRR the night before for several hours in the same area and had no crashes.

Re: WRR - Crash issues

Posted: April 15th, 2018, 11:46 pm
by HD_Artworks
Today I had the first crash in WRR!
I uploaded the screenshot - I spawn at the tent and equipped the new 9.3x74R O/U & Stutzen and .50 Inline muzzleloading pistol.

I harvest 4 moose fired with the 9.3x74R O/U and ID 1 female Bison call in the path.
Picked up 1 Sitka antler. I approach the mountain and I spot a big Dall Sheep(He was the biggest one I've ever shot!)
I shot him with Stutzen and he flees for about 50 meters then dropped in the mountainside. While I was running to harvest him, I spot a female moose. I shot her with 9.3x74R O/U and dropped after about 30 meters running.

After I had 40 meters from my Dall Sheep, the game frozen and crashed before I harvest the Dall Sheep and female Moose...

Re: WRR - Crash issues

Posted: April 18th, 2018, 1:50 am
by Pille
TreeKiwi wrote:Hey Hunters,

Please use this thread to dump any information related to the WRR crash issues into this thread. The post will be closely monitored and this thread is for information only, not discussion.

As we are not sure exactly what is causing the issue at the moment, all and any information is highly appreciated. It can be anything from videos to detailed descriptions about what you did when it crashed, i.e Where in WRR were you? What were you doing? Taking a shot? Walking? Harvesting? Calling? If you think it might help, add it to this thread!

Lets get to the bottom of this!



The game crashed on sunday 15.Apr.2018 3 times. The first time was my first game crash ever (just started playing 2 weeks ago) and I dont know what exactly I did, but I was at (about) -5776 -12376. The second time I was at (about) -5672 -12212. I had just picked up my tent (heated winter camo) and shot at a Dall Sheep up on the mountain to the East. The third time was after killing one Dall Sheep and while shooting at another at -5384 -12052. The last 2 crashes for sure were while shooting my .300 Bolt Action Rifle. I switched to the 7mm Bullpup and experienced no more crashes. Since it was WRR and the .300 winter camo was just on Sale that week, I probably used that version... it's 3 days later and I just saw this thread :)

Re: WRR - Crash issues

Posted: April 19th, 2018, 6:27 pm
by gas56
3+ hours game time
Started @ heated tent east center of map traveled North, south then far east and had shot Dall Sheep, Sitka deer, Fox, & Rabbits along the way.
Shot 3 Dall Rams and started to go to harvest them then the game crashed.
Noticed something different I hadn't seen before and don't know if it is normal or not with foxes tracks, they are usually blue, but in spots they were red
flashing on & off when inspecting them real close.

Re: WRR - Crash issues

Posted: April 23rd, 2018, 1:18 am
by Tuck_SFA
hbshannonw wrote:Yes I was just playing in single player mode. I started at 5 am and it crashed around 10:30 or so. I was in the area of the big waterfalls and I was aiming at a Sika Buck and fired with the 243 from about 20 meters away. As I heard the sound of the shot the game crashed. I had hunted WRR the night before for several hours in the same area and had no crashes.

This has been my experience also. The last 3 crashes and a previous 4th have been just as when I was shooting. Once while ranging an animal. Twice just plain walking with an object in my hand (rifle/binos). Have had one 5 hour hunt that did not crash out of the last 9 games. I only hunt in the East of the map. Fox and rabbit areas. All crashes have been in that area. I did have many non-crash games from April 14th to April 21st. Then they started crashing again. Was there a reset or some other type of cleansing around that date (April 14th)? All games have been SP and 99% starting at the same heated tent. I have not changed any settings since checking the Extended audio box on the 14th. DX dialog never shows any errors.

Using Gas's circular mapping (above), my crashes are Orange 1 (30%) and if there was a Blue 0, (40%). Red 2, (20%)