Sliding dead animals

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Sliding dead animals

Postby Hunter300 » July 21st, 2017, 5:16 pm

I was in the location of the arrow on Whitehart with several dead elk on the ground killed with a bow:


The road moves slowly down in the direction of the arrow and I suddenly had a dead elk moving down the road (about walking speed) until it was stopped by a tree. It freaked me out and once I harvested it and two other ones, then a second elk started to slide down and when I say sliding down, I mean that the dead elk was just frozen like any other dead animal, it didn't roll, no ragdoll physics, it was just sliding down as if the road was made out of ice.

Is this a bug or a psychics engine going crazy? Has anyone seen this before, before I have killed tens of thousands of animals and I've never seen this until now.

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