The Masters of the EHR - 2018

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The Masters of the EHR - 2018

Postby Tod1d » April 28th, 2018, 1:47 pm

Watching the Masters got me thinkin...

I'm posting this early to get feedback on the rules, format, etc... Let me know if anything is confusing or contradictory.

If anyone would like to help me test this out, let me know. The current leaderboard is all fake data right now, so if you happen to click that link, don't panic!


The Masters of the EHR - 2018

Play 9 holes of Hunter Golf. Each hole (hunt) has a total distance, and each shot gets you that much closer.

Starts - May 19th 2018, 00:00 Europe/London
Ends - May 25th 2018, 23:59 Europe/London

General Description
Each hole is a hunt and will have a specific par & distance. Each shot you take is a "stroke".
The goal is to make shots and add (or subtract*) their distances until you are within 1.5m of the hole. (The hole is 3m in diameter) :D
Any remaining distance <= 1.5m is considered in the hole.
Any remaining distance <= 10m is a "Gimme". It will count one extra stroke & you can continue to the next hole.
* If your total distance is > 10m past the hole (greater then the target distance), the next shot will be subtracted from the current total.
The total number of shots in the hunt, plus any gimme's or penalties is your hole score.
The total of all 9 holes is your round score. Lowest score wins.
A Tie in strokes will be sorted by lowest # of putts (bow shots + gimmies).
Remaining ties will split the applicable portion of the purse. (A 2 way tie for 1st will split the 1st & 2nd place prizes. Each getting 2500 em$)

You only get 1 chance at each hole / hunt**. Once you start your first hunt (after the comp starts & you enroll), you are playing the 1st hole.
Your 2nd hunt is playing the 2nd hole.
You can shoot at any animal you want. Score, species, gender doesn't matter. But every time you pull the trigger, it counts as a stroke!
**There will be 2 "Mulligan" holes (hunts). So you have 11 attempts to complete 9 holes. Don't submit the Mulligan holes.
You have 9 Submissions, 1 per hole.

Rules and Conditions

Species: Feral Hog, Red Fox, European Rabbit, Red Kangaroo, Feral Goat
Reserves: Bushranger's Run
Weapons: Any permitted Rifle, Handgun or Bow (No Crossbows)
Scoring: Total Number of shots, lowest score wins.
Special Requirements:
  • Min Shot Distance: Each weapon type can only be used if the remaining distance to the hole (target distance) is greater than it's minimum distance.
      Wood: Rifle (> 200 m)
      Iron: Handgun (> 75m)
      Putter: Bow (Any distance)
      Example: The hole distance is 485m. You make two 220m shots for a total of 440. You have 45m remaining. You can only use a bow.
      Example: The hole distance is 485m. You make two 200m shots for a total of 400. You have 85m remaining. You can use a handgun or bow.
      NOTE: Weapon requirement is based on remaining distance to the hole. If you have 210m remaining, and use a rifle & make a 140m shot, that's OK.
  • 1 Shot Kills. (No positioning yourself for a 2nd shot on a wounded animal)
      Additional shots on an animal will count stroke + distance penalty. The shot will count as a stroke, but the distance will not count toward your hole.
  • Missed shots, or hits that don't result in a harvest count as strokes.
  • Wrong weapon, either based on the distances above, or an un-permitted weapon is a 1 stroke penalty. (un-permitted & wrong weapon is 2 strokes)
  • No Bait. Callers & Scents are OK. Make sure your bait sites are empty/inactive so no animals can become "baited". A baited animal is a 1 stroke penalty.
  • No sleeping animals. A sleeping animal is a 1 stroke penalty.
  • Failure to "Hole Out." The maximum score for any hole will be 10. If you fail to get within 10m of the target distance, your score for that hole will be 10.
Hunt Requirements:
  • Hunts must begin after the comp starts and after you enroll, and end before the comp ends.
  • Spawnmashing / Sandbagging rules don't apply here. No minimum hunt duration or time to submit limitations.
  • Your last hunt must be submitted no more than 90 minutes after the competition ends
  • Attempts: 11 (1 attempt per hole, and 2 "Mulligan" attempts)
      Any hunt on BRR after the start of the comp, and after you enroll will count as an attempt.
      Any hunt under 1 minute will not count as an attempt.
  • Submissions: 9 (1 submission per hole) (You must submit all 9 hunts for a valid score)
  • SP only

Distance Limitation:
    Update - 22May18
    With the release of the new extended render range, I've added a maximum distance for shots.
  • Any shot over 237m will be a "Shot + distance" penalty. i.e. the shot will count toward your strokes, but the distance will be 0. (same as a 2nd shot on an animal)

Scorecard - holes, par, distances

Registration - REGISTER HERE - (Registration will open soon, after testing)
Registration is required prior to beginning a hunt from which scores are submitted. Participants can register right up until the end of the competition.

Participants must submit their competition entries using the scoresheet.

The leaderboards for this competition will be updated in real time. Please use the link above to keep track of the competition.

The prizes for this competition are as follows:

1st Place: 3,000 em$
2nd Place: 2,000 em$
3rd Place: 1,000 em$

    #1 sebusmalinowski -13
    #2 grancazador -11
    #3 Mysen -10

Bonus Prizes
Hole in one - 1000 em$ (One per participant)

Hole in One

I'm thinking green jackets with BRR logo.

Image Image Image

Please feel free to ask on this forum thread, or send me a private message.

Errors & Bugs
If you find an error in this thread, or a bug with the competition system, please send me a private message.

I reserve the right to modify the rules and terms of this competition at any time between the date and time of this post, and the start of the competition. I also reserve the right to cancel this competition at any time.
UHC and competition hosts reserve the right to disqualify any participant at their discretion for any reason, including but not limited to: cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct, harassment, et. al.
Discrepancies & ambiguities in the rules or scoring site will be addressed by UHC or the competition host as expediently as possible.
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Re: The Masters of the EHR - 2018

Postby Tod1d » April 28th, 2018, 1:47 pm

Here's a cheatsheet / scorecard to do the math...


And an example...


Enter the distance for each shot, the subtract from the distance above to get remaining distance.
If the remaining distance is <= 1.5, Count the shots & enter at the bottom.
If the remaining distance is > 1.5, but <= 10, count the shots & add 1 (gimme).

If you'd rather use it in Excel, here's the spreadsheet ( ... ecard.xlsx)

Enter your shot distances in the white cells, and it will do the math & count shots for you.
NOTE: this doesn't count penalties, it will just help you achieve the correct distance & know when to stop shooting.
"It's "Tod", with one bloody 'd'!
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Re: The Masters of the EHR - 2018

Postby RidgeBack69 » April 28th, 2018, 9:22 pm

This really looks like it could be a lot of fun.

I think I follow what has to be done except for the animals. Do we have to shoot one of each any combination at them or what ever we want?
I know nothing about the game of golf but it seems to be explained well enough.

Wouldn't it be cool if the jacket was something for us to wear ingame.

I would be glad to help you test this.
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Re: The Masters of the EHR - 2018

Postby Tod1d » April 28th, 2018, 9:49 pm

Any animal(s). You can hunt all goats, or a different animal on each shot.

I'm still waffling on the rabbits. I tried it and it seemed OK, i.e. difficult enough given the weapon limitations, and still challenging enough to get them at the right distance. I thought maybe they'd be easier since they are located in the warrens, but they do move around enough that you'd have to keep moving to get the distance you want.

Not sure the jacket is exactly hunting attire, but then neither are the country caps & shirts.

I'll PM you about testing. Thanks
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Re: The Masters of the EHR - 2018

Postby BCKidd » April 28th, 2018, 10:36 pm

What an interesting concept. I'm with RB, I know nothin' about Golf. This tho' sounds interesting and I'll certainly give it a go! 8-) ;) Peace.


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Re: The Masters of the EHR - 2018

Postby HD_Artworks » April 28th, 2018, 11:44 pm

Wow! What a great idea for a comp!
I'll try my luck for sure! :)
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Re: The Masters of the EHR - 2018

Postby DYEUZ » April 29th, 2018, 12:08 am

Interesting . Will be cleaning my clubs .


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Re: The Masters of the EHR - 2018

Postby _dfad_ » April 29th, 2018, 3:02 am

Interesting concept. But imagine: you have to do last 10 m... And notice an albino fox far away that moves away and does not react to the caller. What to choose: the rare or the score? ;)

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Re: The Masters of the EHR - 2018

Postby sniper68 » April 29th, 2018, 4:52 am

sound fun :)
gunna give this a test run see how i do lol
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Re: The Masters of the EHR - 2018

Postby ForstHeld » April 29th, 2018, 6:15 am

DYEUZ wrote:
Interesting . Will be cleaning my clubs .


Remember to play in TH and not in Winning Putt mate :D :D :D

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