Community Competition Template

Talk about official or unofficial competitions. Feel free to host your own!
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Community Competition Template

Postby Tod1d » June 15th, 2017, 5:30 pm

Use this template (if you like) to create a topic for a community competition.
I used underscores to indicate the parts to replace with your content. You can double-click & select the entire word/phrase.
For Special requirements, just deleted the ones you don't want to use.

I've included all of the rules & requirements that I've seen so far in community comps & official comps.
These are just guidelines. If you have other ideas let us know & we'll let you know if it's possible to accommodate them in the scoresheet.
Try not to get carried away & use too many requirements. Overly complicated competitions may not attract as many participants.

To copy with formatting, use the "Quote" button to the right. Copy/Paste the contents below (everything below the dashed line) to your new topic.




_Description_ (Similar to the official comp descriptions. Summarizes the basic concept & challenges of the comp.)

Starts-Jun 14th 2017, 03:00 EDT (08:00 UTC) (Be sure to include the time zone. Including UTC time is also helpful)
Ends- Jun 16th 2017, 03:00 EDT (08:00 UTC)

Rules and Conditions

Weapons: Any permitted
  • Total score (sum of all or top #)
  • Avg Score (all or top #)
  • Lowest Score
  • High - Low Score
  • Closest to specific score (opt. without going over)
  • Total closest to specific score
  • Male Score + Female Weight
  • Score + Weight
  • Score - Weight (closest to equal)
  • Total Weight (all or top #)
  • Avg Weight (all or top #)
  • Lowest Weight
  • High - Low weight
  • Highest # of harvests (recommend limited time)
  • Longest Shot
  • Kg or Lb
  • Normalized (Using min/max possible score)
  • Normalized (Using Max possible & 0)
  • Adjusted (multiplier(s))
  • CSS
Special Requirements:
  • Max # Submissions (per species)
  • One Shot Kills
  • Trophy Int., Wound Time, Harvest Value
  • Specific Organs Hit / Not Hit
  • Trophy Shot
  • Gender
  • Min/Max Shot Distance
  • Texture (Bear color, etc..)
  • Birds on Ground / Air
  • No Platform, Specific Platform
  • Animal State (charging, not spooked)
  • No Scope
  • Horn Type (goats) (manual verification)
  • # of points (antlered animals)
  • All birds except Turkeys must be airborne
Expedition (Hunt) Requirements:
  • Hunts must begin after the comp start, and end before the comp ends.
  • Hunts/Scoresheets must be submitted within 90 minutes of hunt ending. (No Sandbagging)
  • Hunts must be at least 30 minutes real time (1 game hour) (No Spawn-mashing)
  • Max Hunt Duration
  • Attempts
  • No Misses or Lost animals (shots = kills on hunt summary)
  • All in one hunt
  • Specific Reserve(s)
  • SP / MP
  • Max # Submissions (expedition)
Player Requirements:
  • Member / Guest
  • Min/Max Hunter Score
  • # of active species killed

Registration - REGISTER HERE
Registration is required prior to beginning a hunt from which scores are submitted. Participants can register right up until the end of the competition.

Participants must submit their competition entries using the scoresheet.

The leaderboards for this competition will be updated in real time. Please use the link above to keep track of the competition.

The prizes for this competition are as follows:

1st Place: _3,000_ em$
2nd Place: _2,000_ em$
3rd Place: _1,000_ em$

Bonus Prizes

Novelty high resolution trophies (unofficial trophies which do not appear on theHunter website) will be issued to the top 3 finishers.

Image Image Image

Please feel free to ask on this forum thread, or send me a private message.

Errors & Bugs
If you find an error in this thread, or a bug with the competition system, please send me a private message.

I reserve the right to modify the rules and terms of this competition at any time between the date and time of this post, and the start of the competition. I also reserve the right to cancel this competition at any time.
UHC and competition hosts reserve the right to disqualify any participant at their discretion for any reason, including but not limited to: cheating, unsportsmanlike conduct, harassment, et. al.
Discrepancies & ambiguities in the rules or scoring site will be addressed by UHC or the competition host as expediently as possible.
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Re: Community Competition Template

Postby Tod1d » June 16th, 2017, 9:17 am

Regarding the scoring options. Many ideas for "normalizing" scores, making animals with different score ranges comparable, have arisen.
At UHC we can handle the following types of normalizing:

    CSS was developed by EW to allow players to compete while hunting together in Multi-Player.

    CSS = (Score - Min_Score) / (Max_Score - Min_Score) * 100 * Species_Multiplier

    Score = the submitted animal's score
    Min_Score = the minimum possible score for that species (From the CSS wiki page)
    Max_Score = The maximum possible score for that species
    Species_Multiplier = A multiplier to adjust for how difficult different species are to hunt.
Normalized (Using min/max possible score) (Preferred Method)
    This is the same as CSS, but without the multiplier
    NORM1 = (Score - Min_Score) / (Max_Score - Min_Score) * 100
Normalized (Using Max possible & 0)
    Same as NORM1, but using 0 instead of Min_Score
    NORM2 = Score / Max_Score * 100
Adjusted (multiplier(s))
    This method just uses simple multipliers to adjust individual scores.
    ADJ = Score * Multiplier
    Example: TOTAL_SCORE = Whitetail_Score + (Pheasant_Score * 7)
"It's "Tod", with one bloody 'd'!
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Re: Community Competition Template

Postby DYEUZ » June 29th, 2017, 10:41 am

Great Template . Good work Tod .

I interrogated myself a lot , before coming up with hosted comps , on what i needed to put as for infos , to be the most complete and clear possible.
I thought : What will be the most common thing to come up after the OP is there ? Answer : Questions !
Yes, many Qs will be asked . So i said , ok, lets do this infos by means of Qs . So i tried to come up with all the Qs possible , that the players could think of .

So i did my '' Perfect Rock '' comp that way and i did not get one Q yet . Looks to be all clear for all participants . Pretty much all is there .
All future comps for me are going to be like that and i would not mind at all, if other host / players would use the same pattern .
I would be even flattered .


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Re: Community Competition Template

Postby Tod1d » June 30th, 2017, 2:48 pm

The Q&A is a good way to make sure you've covered everything.
I would still like to see the important stuff summarized at the top though (description, species, reserve, weapons, scoring, additional requirements).
Then the Q&A below to clarify the rules in detail.
"It's "Tod", with one bloody 'd'!

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