Ideas for Competitions

Talk about official or unofficial competitions. Feel free to host your own!
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Re: Ideas for Competitions

Postby NarTeK » March 28th, 2018, 1:06 pm

Agree eventually if the goal was to collect the most beautiful animal, but not for this competition today that was "the total weight of all your rabbits taken in a single session is your result" :|
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Re: Ideas for Competitions

Postby ThrottleFox » July 12th, 2018, 4:35 am

I would like that, if you quit the competition, you are OUT you can not rejoin for the duration of that competition. NO more quitting and re-joining because you are out of attempts and someone knocked you out of top 3
I personally dislike longshots, I've tied competing in them and lost as I do not have the set up to compete.
As others have said, MULTIPLAYER please!

I would also like to echo DYEUZ, very good points I agree with.

DYEUZ wrote:Hello and thx for asking .

What do you like about our competitions? Not a lot to be honest . Always same kind / genre / species . Won by pretty much same players . Some are open for spawnmashing and the distance ones , well, you need to be equipped with tents and all to do those . We need fresh ideas , new comps .

What can we improve in the future? Prizes . Make them higher , more appealing to try them comps , more rewarding . Stop with the long / short distance ones . Nothing about skills here . Make them with less attempts .

What do you want to see more of? Team comps . Multi player comps . Other animals then the ones ,presently , repetitive every week or so . In example , i proposed one to Alena , a while back ,for the female reindeer . Did you ever looked at them ? They are pretty nice and have , may times , bigger antlers than their brothers . I will often choose to harvest nice female vs. a small male .

Just change the ones that are there right now . Not all of them maybe , but some . They are old and boring , repetitive. Samo samo every week .

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Re: Ideas for Competitions

Postby ahmedinovich » October 27th, 2018, 1:34 pm

need to ad jump key & reloaded weapon from midle mousse key
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Re: Ideas for Competitions

Postby DYEUZ » October 27th, 2018, 1:55 pm

:arrow: ahmedinovich ... Check this poll i made once , on adding a jump action . ... mp#p916796


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