New "CULL" hunt idea

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New "CULL" hunt idea

Postby Elrique64 » July 7th, 2018, 6:15 pm

This could be applied to almost any species, and any reserve in game currently.

The idea here is to do a real type of cull hunt. To weed out the lowest of the low of a given "trophy" type of animal. This isn't a hunt for everyone, since it could mean passing up that big 300+ NT WT, or a 400+ RME, etc... But it could also be a lot of fun to see just how low of a score people can get, as well.

the combined scores of the first 3-5 of the given animal. lowest average wins. (Note: it is trophy class animals, so does/cows that have a score of zero would not meet the criteria!)

For example, 3 harvest Whitetail Deer:

First buck: 58.353
Second buck: 61.859
Third buck: 98.329

Average: 72.847

As you can see, just one semi-decent buck can throw the entire average out, and take a hunter out of the standings pretty quickly.

This could even be taken a step further if the game mechanics allow it, to rotate out a higher scoring animal by shooting one with a lower score. So you can still harvest that once in a life time torphy should it cross your path, as long as you follow it with a cullable animal to clear that off the score sheets. In the above example a 35.534 would knock out the 98.329 and prduce a lower average of 51.915.

When it comes to "lowest of the low" I've personally shot a 24, 28 and 31 scoring WT on WHI. Granted these were on different hunts, but they still hold a kind of soft spot in the heart, as they are always something I will remember about the game. imagine shooting nothing but the lowest of the low and still winning a competition doing it... :)
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Re: New "CULL" hunt idea

Postby Essacksumra » July 12th, 2018, 2:49 am

nice idea, why don't you keep it on UHC and see to it if you get sponsors for prize money

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