willow ptarmigan and pheasant

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willow ptarmigan and pheasant

Postby _Papy » September 13th, 2018, 8:26 am

hello, I post this message because I noticed that the ptarmigan had disappeared from the hemmeldal map. I won the competition "mass rules" with more than 160 ptarmigan killed 2 days ago and today we find more one. This coincides with the arrival of the Eurasian lynx and the current competition on the willow ptarmigan has no rankings.

Also, I started the competition of pheasants and also, in almost 4 hours of hunting, 5 pheasants only with call and dog, 25 kilometers of steps.

Can you watch if there is not a problem? thank you.

(sorry for my english, i use goggle traduction)

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