Screenshots/Trophy shots not saving to disk

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Screenshots/Trophy shots not saving to disk

Postby ilovesmokes » August 12th, 2018, 1:48 pm

For some reason, over the last couple of days trophy shots and profile photos I take end up not getting saved at all. I still get the "photo uploading" thing on screen but after a hunt none of my killmails (not sure what theyre really called but I play a ton of EVE Online so i'm going with killmail :) ) have trophy photos, and the pics are nowhere to be found on my computer. The same happens for taking a profile pic, it says its confirmed but doesn't show up anywhere. The last trophy shot that saved seems to be on the 5th of August. I dunno if a patch happened since then that could be causing this. Has anyone else been experiencing a bug like this? Any suggestions on a fix? I've cleared the launcher and game cache multiple times to no avail.

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