Running the Hunter on Windows 8

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el invencible96
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Re: Running the Hunter on Windows 8

Postby el invencible96 » July 11th, 2014, 3:38 pm

hi i have a problem when starting the launcher at windows8, i have instaled the game twice and the launcher seems to work well but when i try tu start a game a error message appears on screen and the message tells this: "error 5 unable to execute file in the temporary directory. Setup aborted"

could you please tell me hoe to solve this problen?

Re: Running the Hunter on Windows 8

Postby RedDog2 » December 6th, 2014, 1:44 pm

You have to take full control of the .exe file (launcher.exe and thehunter.exe) in both the Launcher folder and the The Game folder' by right clicking on the .exe file and selecting Properties.

Once there, make sure the run as administrator tab- is checked, now go to the Compatibility box on the same page -select "run in compatibility mode for Win 7" in the box-

Now select the security tab, once there you will see a list of name's. Check to see if your name is there, if so click on it, and make sure it is highlighted, now look at the boxes at the bottom that show your security clearance, if the top box is not selected, select it (it will auto select the box's below it except for the bottom box), never check-mark that one)- if your name is not there, use the same procedure as below for your name.

Look for another name in the list called users(your PC name) if not there hit edit again enter users in the box and it will add it to the list- select it, make sure the top box is checked and the bottom is not. restart.

After restart go the the main hunter folder in program files\32\
Right click on the folder, uncheck the read only box, wait till it's done.

Now you have full control of your program. This work's for most programs you want to run in Win 8-8.1.

RedDog2 ;)
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Re: Running the Hunter on Windows 8

Postby Drumcrasher » February 10th, 2016, 6:43 am


just bought that Game and installed, now can t start nothing.:-(
Would like to do those tutorial but nothing runs.

I got a message that will load a patch but no move. still 0% no connection or whatever.

I got ***** right now for no funktion. :oops:

Did a make a mistake or what can i do now?

Drumcrasher :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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