Can't start a hunting session.

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Can't start a hunting session.

Postby MAMTeles » January 5th, 2019, 7:31 pm

When i try to start a hunting sessions i get an error saying i could not connect to the game server. What can be causing this?

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Re: Can't start a hunting session.

Postby VonStratos » January 5th, 2019, 8:34 pm

Well, assuming at same time you are able to navigate on the web or connect in any other game or online program, then it could be something wrong in the server and not your pc or connection, but is there some error code or more details? and does this happens with both clients, web client and Steam? try Steam client at least to discard its related to some installation issue.

If everything fail contact to support, but be aware that we are still in holidays for EW, so it could take a little more than normal get answers.


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