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by Tanngnjostr
Today, 1:51 am
Forum: General Chat
Topic: A Vehicle for theHunter?
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Re: A Vehicle for theHunter?

Would love to see those in Primal!

Yabba Dabba Doo! :)
by Tanngnjostr
Today, 1:49 am
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Barren Hemmeldal
Replies: 78
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Re: Barren Hemmeldal

HooCairs wrote:Just noticing now that the female turkey calls also cut off.

I've noticed that too just recently. Should post a bug report...
by Tanngnjostr
Today, 12:25 am
Forum: Weapons & Weapon Accessory Suggestions
Topic: Rental Equipment and Weapons
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Re: Rental Equipment and Weapons

Renting weapons has been suggested multiple times, but personally I don't think it'll ever happen. Missions with weapon requirements are a good sales strategy for EW. But if you really want to finish certain missions and don't want to buy the weapons, there'a another way: any fellow player that owns...
by Tanngnjostr
Yesterday, 4:36 pm
Forum: Fan Sites, Screenshots, Media & Art
Topic: Post your Albino/Piebald/Melanistic!
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Re: Post your Albino/Piebald/Melanistic!

Villkatta wrote:Awesome lynx Bato!

Definitely! If only he would've posted it in the other thread, he would've been the first one! :?
by Tanngnjostr
Yesterday, 11:40 am
Forum: New Player Introductions
Topic: Heya!
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Re: Heya!

Welcome to the forum, Glass! :)

FR_Bugs wrote:I love your sig HooCairs :D
I do think 1596 leopards is a bit too much - poacher! ;) :P :D
by Tanngnjostr
Yesterday, 7:59 am
Forum: The Great Outdoors
Topic: Grizzly Attack
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Re: Grizzly Attack

Sad to hear this story. The comments of the Leftists do not surprise me in the least. I know that "partisanship" is the flavor of our times, but... can you imagine that there are people in here that consider themselves liberals, but still don't hate hunters and do actually detest the cynic...
by Tanngnjostr
Yesterday, 7:30 am
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Best weapon in game, what is your favorite?
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Re: Best weapon in game, what is your favorite?

To me it's the 9.3x74R Break Action Rifle. Very versatile, good for everything from small deer to big game. Not everybody likes the reticles of the scopes though. The .30R O/U Break Action Rifle I also like a lot, even though it's not ethical for beef. Granted, I don't do long range shooting, so I c...
by Tanngnjostr
Yesterday, 12:27 am
Forum: General Chat
Topic: What happened to Trapper Tent?
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Re: What happened to Trapper Tent?

I agree, get rid of Doc's shed. Unless it's a sales strategy as David said, it doesn't have any purpose. It doesn't really make the store look well-arranged - without Doc's shed it would be 1000 items in the store, with Doc's shed it's 900. :roll:
by Tanngnjostr
Yesterday, 12:24 am
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Community Lynx Thread- Tips, Help and Screen Shots
Replies: 114
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Re: Community Lynx Thread- Tips, Help and Screen Shots

Congrats lisarob, that's a beauty! :)
by Tanngnjostr
Yesterday, 12:22 am
Forum: General Chat
Topic: New Record game Long Shot.
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Re: New Record game Long Shot.

Congrats Tony! :)

Tracking it must've been a pain. Next time go for a heart shot! ;)

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