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by Tod1d
March 14th, 2056, 6:18 pm
Forum: General Off Topics
Topic: bored?
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Re: bored?

I Win! :lol: (Yeh, I cheated!) ;)
by Tod1d
Yesterday, 12:53 pm
Forum: Latest News & Announcements
Topic: Status Update - 15th August 2018
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Re: Status Update - 15th August 2018

Yes this would be nice. I have already figured out how it can be implemented. Using the run key, change it such that you can toggle between speed for your hunter with a little glyph showing which speed. One toggle will show one tick mark for slow walking for stalking (current crouch walking speed)....
by Tod1d
August 14th, 2018, 8:00 am
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Sometimes, where all the animals are gone?
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Re: Sometimes, where all the animals are gone?

If you're in an area with no animals, that means there is an other area on the map with extra animals. We've been told before that the number of animals on each reserve remains the same with each spawn, and that it's the score, weight & location that is randomized. They do adjust the numbers whe...
by Tod1d
August 13th, 2018, 8:17 pm
Forum: Competitions
Topic: UHC Apps | Competition Generator
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Re: UHC Apps | Competition Generator

I'm looking at the code now. But David wrote this one, so it may have to wait until tomorrow.

[edit] I found it & fixed it. Should be all good now. Thanks for reporting it
by Tod1d
August 13th, 2018, 7:08 pm
Forum: Latest News & Announcements
Topic: Summer Fiesta 2018
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Re: Summer Fiesta 2018

the first person to post in this forum with all three mission badges receives a small bonus, $ 500. I would like to inform thehunter team that I SANSAOO, I was the first to do these mission summer badges badges and posted on the forum, I hope the recognition of all. I think RF got you by 3 days ;) ...
by Tod1d
August 12th, 2018, 11:33 am
Forum: The Great Outdoors
Topic: 2018/2019
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Re: 2018/2019

InstinctiveArcher wrote:I may have to check it out :lol:

Don't expect Academy Award acting. It's really cheesy/campy.
by Tod1d
August 11th, 2018, 9:45 am
Forum: The Great Outdoors
Topic: Fishing 2018
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Re: Fishing 2018

First Salmon trip yesterday. 20# King. (My arms are still feeling it! :D ) a 20#, a couple 18#, a 15#, a few "grillers", and a couple lake trout Cooked up one of the grillers f...
by Tod1d
August 8th, 2018, 4:54 pm
Forum: Animals
Topic: Bobcats not making sounds
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Re: Bobcats not making sounds

I just did the Bobcat mission, and I heard them. Some calls were very faint, but I did hear them.
by Tod1d
August 6th, 2018, 6:29 am
Forum: Competitions
Topic: "Late Summer Hunt II" by BCKidd
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Re: "Late Summer Hunt II" by BCKidd

BCKidd wrote:One thing I noticed jus' now, the placement numbers 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc aren't showing. I know the host's stays blank. I guess in all actuality we can all count so it is easy to see who is what and where. ;) Peace.


The numbers / rank will only show up in the top section, Complete Entries.

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